Where to Go in Florida for the Best Medical Marijuana

Florida boasts one of the largest medical marijuana markets in the United States, generating as many sales as states that have combined sales for recreational and medical marijuana. You can find a Florida dispensary in every corner of the state, ensuring that those suffering from serious health conditions can obtain comfort and calm.

Yet, if you are looking for the best Florida dispensary, you need to head to the following pot shops located around the state.


Columbia Care

Instead of devoting energy toward flashy packaging or branding, Columbia Care puts energy toward developing the products and services its patients need to feel better. Perhaps the most outstanding quality of this dispensary is the incredibly well-trained and friendly staff, who are eager to help every level of cannabis consumer find the exact right treatment for their unique health situation. Columbia Care’s Florida locations number 14 and counting, so no matter where you live in the Sunshine State, you should have this top dispensary nearby.

Grow Healthy

This Florida-grown cannabis dispensary has rapidly become one of the most beloved thanks to its expansive lineup of cannabis strains. Different strains offer different effects, which is critical for medical marijuana users, who require a variety of options to ensure they have the weed they need to adequately treat their health conditions. Even better, Grow Healthy offers reliable prices and free delivery across Florida. With 17 locations and growing, Grow Healthy is easily one of the biggest and best dispensary options in the Sunshine State.


It seems that Surterra’s mission is to become Florida’s go-to medical marijuana dispensary, as this chain boasts over 40 locations across the state. What’s more, Surterra is known for its outstanding sales and deals, regularly slashing the prices of various pot products to keep cannabis accessible to those who need it most.

Many new medical marijuana patients appreciate Surterra’s use of cannabinoid content and effects over strain names, which makes selecting the right bud easier. Plus, Surterra works to make its products easier to use than similar items from other dispensaries.


Not long ago, Sunnyside was a small, up-and-coming cannabis shop in Florida. Now, they are a national cannabis brand, providing high-quality products to patients in many states. Still, the 14 Florida Sunnyside locations are committed to offering patients more options when it comes to their cannabis purchases. Unlike other dispensaries, Sunnyside gives patients the option to buy essentially any legally allowed amount of flower, from a full ounce to a single gram. Such flexibility is important in giving patients control over their own health and wellness.


While other medical marijuana dispensaries focus on their flower, Müv is more interested in offering other cannabis products, like edibles, tinctures, RSO and the like. Some of these products are utterly unavailable in other dispensaries, so patients interested in using them have little choice but to rely on Müv. Fortunately, the quality of the products available from Müv is high — and consistently so. In fact, patients often remark on how Müv products are capable of delivering the exact effects they advertise, all but guaranteeing patients the relief they seek.


Curaleaf has developed a business model that works, as evidenced by their appearance in essentially every state with medical marijuana regulations. Patients looking for a fast and straightforward cannabis purchase can rely on a Curaleaf location to provide the basics — a sufficient cannabis menu, friendly staff, clean and pleasant stores. Often, medical marijuana patients don’t need a huge product line, passionate staff or a beautiful and unique showroom; they just need a place they can trust to have what they need, and that’s Curaleaf.


Like Curaleaf, Trulieve is a huge national cannabis brand, and in Florida, this company boasts over 85 distinct locations. Their enormous range of products ensues that every cannabis patient will be able to find the exact treatment they need to manage their health condition; every type of cannabis product imaginable is available on Trulieve shelves, to include premium and budget price-points as well. Notoriously, Trulieve struggles with customer service due to high demand, but patients who want to take advantage of the Sunshine State’s most significant cannabis inventory usually don’t mind longer wait times. 

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