The Top 5 Forex Trading Demo Accounts

Trading forex successfully takes time and practice, and traders don’t want to risk losing money when they start. That is why demo accounts are beneficial. Forex trading has a learning curve that can be very costly. Mastering the art of trading is a skill that needs to be developed, and that is why having demo accounts is necessary.

Top 5 Forex Trading Demo Accounts

Trading has picked up around the world. As a result, many platforms offer demo accounts for beginners to get the knack of the trade. While some basics can be learned on most platforms, some offer such incredible educational values and tips for using trading tools that they are simply in a league of their own. Here are the best forex trading demo accounts:

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FP Markets

This forex broker is well-known for its fantastic trading instruments, which is why FP Markets is a good start for any beginner. The app is also easy to navigate, so newcomers will find it manageable. The platform also provides top-notch customer service to all accounts, including demo accounts. A disadvantage of FP Markets is the slightly higher than normal trading fees. However, the platform provides zero limits on the number of demo accounts that a trader can have. A complete beginner’s course and a few beginner videos are also available.


Beginners who are searching for a forex broker that checks all the boxes for learning the skill of trading should look no further than HF Markets. The platform provides everything a beginner might need, including unlimited demo accounts, a course, a printable ebook, videos, especially for beginners, and an economic calendar. By choosing HFM, beginners have made the first correct decisions about their trading careers.


When it comes to being passionate about trading, AvaTrade takes the lead. The platform provides a long list of supporting tools for beginners, including a decent beginner’s course, several high-quality beginner videos, an ebook for those getting started, and a course for beginners who are ready to advance to a more experienced level. The downside of this platform is that it doesn’t offer unlimited demo accounts.


IG is another platform that understands the needs of beginner traders. Similar to HFM, the platform provides the support that beginners need, with all possible trading tools available from day one. IG offers unlimited demo accounts, several beginner videos, an ebook, a beginner’s course, and an economic calendar. IG also provides videos for traders who have gained some experience so that they can continue to build on their trading skills.


While Pepperstone doesn’t necessarily offer the best tools for beginner traders, the broker is very popular among traders in South Africa. The attractive features for beginners offered by Pepperstone include beginner videos, a beginner’s guide, and an economic calendar. Unfortunately, Pepperstone doesn’t allow for multiple demo accounts.


As with any new skill, mastering trading takes time, dedication, and determination. Having access to demo accounts while you are mastering the tools of the trade can save you money, make learning more interesting, and decrease frustration. With support platforms like these, anyone can overcome the challenges of being a beginner trader.