Funny Dorm Room Stories

There are so many funny dorm stories and we cannot possibly tell them all. If you’re about to join college, you’re about to have a wild ride. This is where you’ll gets some of the best and worst experiences of your life.

Make sure that you get your camera ready to capture all those moments. You’ll laugh and cry and feel several emotions at the same time. All in all, you’ll make life long friends and share amazing experiences with them. prepared some funny dorm stories to give you a picture of what you should expect.

Dorm Room

The time two friends were planning on smoking until they walked into their dorm room and saw a girl on one of their beds in labor.’

Take a moment to picture that.

This must have been mind-blowing, especially for two college boys who don’t know the first thing about labor.

Sometime women go into labor sooner than they had expected and more often that not, shit hits the fan.

The time a group of friends took Magic mushrooms during a fire drill

If you know what magic mushrooms are, then you shouldn’t take then during a fire drill or any other drill. In fact, never take magic mushrooms.

When you get magic mushrooms, not only do your eyes dilate all the way, your brain also exaggerates the situation at hand.

The time ‘my sister frat flooded the second floor in the winter, then it froze, and we hand ourselves a badass indoor ice skating session.’

Does anybody want an indoor ice skating experience? Well, if you do, forget about it, because the floor later collapse and you know what happened. Considering the frozen water was on the second floor.

“My First Roommate and Her Boyfriend…”

As you’ll later find out, couples in college are going to make things awkward. Especially if they come to visit their significant other and sleepover.

They are likely to do their thing right in front of you like your furniture or wall art. However, this couple here takes the trophy for most awkward college couple because they meowed like cats, as foreplay.

You heard that right! I know you know a little bit about roleplaying so far, but I know you’ve never heard of this one.

The Puppeteer

Do you watch those tv shows where there’s a puppeteer performing on their own? He or she speaks, and then the puppet on their hand responds? Well, now imagine having a roommate who answers you with a puppet. Crazy right?

Not to mention that the puppet’s response cannot be this person’s real voice. They have to act like another character while they mouth the puppet.

The Voodoo Doll

I never really thought people kept voodoo dolls. Imagine a roommate who uses voodoo dolls to freak you out. It’s quite okay for roommates to have disagreements, but this is on the extreme side of crazy.

The Scary Sleepwalker

Sleepwalking, it’s that very rare but real character that freaks you out in the beginning. However, over time you get used to it. I bet having a roommate who sleepwalkers will trip you up a bit.

Worse still, if the person sleepwalking were to come to your bed and do something crazy like pee on you.


I’m sure you’ll have your own share of crazy dorm stories when you join college. Be sure to document them, so you have to look back on when you graduate. As you choose your roommate, there’s no telling what type of character they are until you live with them. Brace yourself for the wild ride!

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