Top 9 Games Like Clash Of Clans: Must Play in 2019

So, when it comes to clash of clans, my eyes always become broad as it is one of the most amazing as well as the most popular kingdom building games in the gaming history. Well, its concept is quite simple, all you have to do is to build a kingdom, and then you have to protect it against other online opponents. Also, you can attack the other online opponents as well.

The game is addictive enough to play consistently for a long time, but like other things, at some points, you get sick of it. And at that time,  you require new games which you can play to pass your time as and when you want to play.

So, if you are also a kingdom builder games fan like me, then you are at the right spot. Because today, I am going to tell you about the Top 9 Games Like Clash Of Clans. So, let’s don’t waste any more time, and move further towards the Top 9 Games Like Clash Of Clans. People also uses clash of clans mod apk version to get the things easy. We are not going to cover about mod in this article. For that we will write another article.

Top 9 Games Like Clash Of Clans

1. Age of Empires: Castle siege

Age of Empires also counts to be a really very popular game, similar as the clash of clans. In this game, you get choices regarding your civilization, also, you can build your keep and then you can also do combat. You will get to upgrade your keep’s defense after a certain period of time.


You also get the chance to attack other troops, and for that purpose, you can train your troops. But when you compare the clash of clans with the Age of Empires, then you will get to know, that both of these have so much in common. They have mostly the same mechanism, the only difference is that you have several ways to control your troops in the Age of Empire, also you get great control over the troops in this game. So, it is not so much bad, rather it is a very interesting and impressive game for pass time.

2. Boom Beach

Boom Beach is also the kingdom building game available on the play store as well as app store in IOS. So, the main aim of this game is to build a base along the beach. And your opponents are going to attack your base by storming the beach and take down your defense.

Unlike the other kingdom building application like Clash of Claims, this game has quite a long campaign mode. And this is going to add another amazing element to the gameplay, which the other games in the genre didn’t have. Not only that, but it also has the multiplayer feature, along with co-op missions, and let me tell you that, these are the most deeper among all. And the best part is that it is the most amazing substitute of the clash of clans which is even created by the same developers.

3. Castle Clash: Heros of the Empire

So, all those who have heard about the clash of clans must be aware of the castle clash as well. As it is also a really very popular application, with more than 50 million downloads till now. So, you have to build your own village in this game, And you have to defend it, also you have to attack accordingly on your opponents as well.

Another amazing thing about this game is that you can upgrade your heroes and make them battle with other heroes as well.

4. Dawn of Titans

Dawn of titans comes in the list of some of the newest arrival in the field of kingdom building games. It comes with amazing graphics quality to the table. In the dawn of titans, the war is going to be between thousands of troops, so it is surely going to be really very interesting, And this is the best part, as it helps you to get a feel like a real war. No wonder, it is going to be really very interesting and one of the best pass time.

Dawn of Titans

5. Jungle Heat: Weapon of Revenge

So, the jungle heat is another amazing substitute for the clash of clans. Its main focus is on the heroes. There are so many different heroes, and each one of the comes with the different qualities. Otherwise, it is so much similar kind of game like others. All you have to do is to build a base, strengthen your defense and then attack others.

Jungle Heat: Weapon of Revenge

6. Lords Mobile

So, the lords mobile is a kingdom builder game, which has similarities more like boom beach. And not like the clash of clans. But still, at the basic stage, it is quite similar though. Here, you have heroes, you have to train your army, and then take on opponents via PVP. Also, you get the additional treasure by killing the bad guy on the world map. It is one of a very interesting game.

lords mobile

8. Siegefall

Siegefall is also a kingdom builder game, it has been out by the Gameloft. Simply, it combines the different kingdom builder games, like the clash of clans with the card collecting machines. Just like the other games, you have to train up your troops, level up the heroes, and also build up your base.


9. Star Wars: Commander

Because of its name, it had a pretty big launch as well. Despite its users dropped a little into the background, but still, it is one of the most solid game. You will get a choice, to fight for the rebellion or for the kingdom. But let me tell you that, there are playable characters from both sides. Also, you can place your base wherever you want. And the star wars has plenty of amazing space to place it.

Star Wars Commander

10. Stick War: Legacy

Stick war is something a little different, in it, you built your army and attack others to bring order in between everyone. So, you can here control a whole army, or even individual troops, as and in the way you like. But you need to form some strategies in order to be successful. So, this game is quite a very fun and a little bit different game. So, it is available for both, the Android as well as the IOS users.

Stick War Legacy

Final Verdicts About Top 9 Games Like Clash Of Clans: Must Play in 2019

So, these are the Top 9 Games Like Clash Of Clans. And I am really very sure, that you are going to love all of these games. So, what are you waiting for? Just go to the play store or the app store and download these amazing game and start having a complete session of amazing games for time pass.

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