What Gaming Trends Are We Going to See in 2019?

As advancements continue to grow, and the involvement of people in case of gaming increases, there are a lot of possibilities for the future of gaming. In the modern day, you can see people of almost all ages taking part in this activity of entertainment and get engaged. The dawn of video games happened a long time ago with consoles very basic and graphics minimal. As the developers saw the power of such devices and the games installed on them, improvements were made with each year, with the present results in front of us. The gameplay, design, theme and graphics of the games of today are absolutely mind-blowing. Yet, there are more platforms and devices being thought of to introduce them on for a bigger realization.

New ways are being pondered over to not keep games and players shackled to a screen. The physical and digital worlds are becoming intertwined ever more changing the way gaming has been seen and done since its birth. Real-life activities and human interactions are being put into the virtual world giving people an advanced experience. It is among the most advanced of technologies that help us enjoy the same.

Future of Gaming

The Gaming Trends

The gaming trend has reached people through a lot of pursuable ways. As they continue their journey further through PCs, consoles & mobile phones, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) slowly make their way into the building online hype. A new breed of viral games is also increasing pace in the market. Sports games are another very popular trend – like FIFA series, PES (Pro Evolution Soccer), NBA games by EA sports, there are also baseball and cricket related games with realistic graphics. Fans of this type of games often like to watch the real matches as well, and even to place a bet to spice up the game, like is explained in this website where cricket betting websites are explained.  The games of today mainly have focused on providing their users with good design, and visual, especially the ones with multiplayer facilities and shooting games. The facility of connecting with players worldwide and teaming up for winning keeps them on their toes, fixated on the screen and hooked up for a good amount of time.

There are much more tactics used by the games to make sure there is the maximum amount of playtime ensured. However, developers plan on removing the screen fixation into a more open world for a better experience. That has its own ups and downs which has to be tried and tested before launching it for the gamers. Arcade gaming plazas are an example of the same where the whole area is dedicated to games and its players. Various options for different types of interactive games are available there, which also includes some of the games that needed physical interpretation.

Growing modern technology

Online gaming seems to have taken off only a little while back and already soaring to great heights. With such responses, more and more changes in hardware along with software are being made. As the prices of consoles and additional devices become less with time, there will be more players who will come forward and buy them. High costs scare off some people at times, while some addicted hardcore gamers pre-book games months in advance. 360° treadmills for players to experience battleground scenes with VR glasses or gaming mouse are making the players drool over with anticipation. Drones and real-life things with virtual access are being played around with to bring up a masterpiece. Games with physical collaboration that will incorporate the human body as just the anchor or more into the real world are being explored. However, there are various drawbacks and dangers too that have to be thought about.

When it comes to software, various advancements have already been seen which make the game run much smoother and make the internet speed faster. Online gaming requires a stable connection for a good gaming experience, otherwise, various errors come into play like lags, glitches and sudden disconnections. So, developers have taken that into account and trying their level best to keep removing obstacles and such blockages that might hamper a players’ game. There are various devices on which a game can be played. The specifications differ, so settings available inside the software lets the users make changes and customizations according to their will and satisfaction.


Talking about benefits, it is vital to realize that games, whether online or offline, do not only serve their purpose as an entertainment source. They make for a great companion in solitude, make you feel and look happy, help in improving your communication along with leadership skills, enhances your concentration and focus, and also increases the efficiency of the other cognitive skills. With the upcoming updates of software and hardware, people might also be able to improve the skills they wish to do in real life. Sports available on consoles that you can play with VR or the respective sticks which connect you to the game and enact your movements are a good example of the same.

Experimentation requires a lot of bravery as there are equal chances of failure as there is of success. Studios and developers continue to strip from the traditional models of publishing and acquire various gimmicks to go through with it, all the while letting the world test the same. It lets people see the view of the ones working on the development that it all starts somewhere and has to be perfected with a constant trial. Beta versions are released sometimes to test the waters of how the audience responds to the gameplay and whether the software has any readily seen errors so that they can be bettered to make the best version.

The future shows a lot of promise. Similar pathways can be seen in case of gaming too as new technology takes a stride into their development. The re-introduction of Virtual Reality and the introduction of Augmented Reality are successfully making people go wild. Mediums for multiple people to connect through VR is one such possibility that is being looked forward to with great expectations. The future of gaming seems to be in good hands, who try to develop new software every now and then to put the unnecessary problems at rest.

Games serve as a stress reliever to many a people, so caution should be taken while choosing one as you might not want to end up with a game that will increase your anxiety levels. Specifications of a particular game remain mentioned at the start so that gamers can search it and play the kinds of games suiting their needs. In the future, we might see different methods and advanced games, but for now, play and enjoy the ones in your disposable to make the most out of them.

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