How to Get a Job at Walmart Stores in the USA

Walmart has stood successfully in raising the minimum payout of its employees. Consequently, jobs in giant retail companies, like this, have become quite substantial to work with than in the past. 

Owing to this reason, there has been increasing competition amongst the candidates to grab the job opportunity. But, there are certain regulations to be maintained- by following a typical application process, you can acquire a chance to work in Walmart. Also, you need to do your job meticulously to meet the requirements of Walmart’s (one of the largest retailers in the world.) work policy.   

Let’s check out the qualifications, selection process, wage, and the future of working in Walmart as per the mentioned order.

Walmart Store

Skills and Abilities

In order to be eligible for employment in Walmart, you must have good management skills and should be able to deal with a wide variety of customers and colleagues whom you will encounter regularly while working in  Walmart. 

Added to that, basic work skills like having trusted transportation serviceability, being present at work on time, etc. are some of the important requirements. Well, that was for primary-level employment. The responsibilities are even more at advanced levels, which include training programs, store management, some added experience in retailing, plus college education are given more preference.

Selection Process

Complete an application

Firstly, fill the Walmart’s job application form online. While applying, you may even visit the local store to apply at the in-store kiosk. While most stores don’t have the availability of paper applications, they may conduct occasional on-spot interviews or job fairs. 

Complete the application accurately, and provide all the required details of your past work experience along with the educational qualifications. Try to present your identity in the most desirable way possible. However, you should not lie about anything or exaggerate.

Walmart Job Application

Attach your resume and a finely edited cover letter to the job application. Provide your reference details as well and alert them that you have already applied for a job in Walmart and they may be called by Walmart officials to enquire about you. 


If you are all fit as per the hiring manager, then you will shortly be contacted to come for an interview. Attend the interview by dressing professionally. Carry a copy of your resume and a printed copy of the online job application with you. Also, keep a pen and try to arrive earlier or on time which will create a positive impression on your punctuality. 

Try to be respectful while interacting with the interviewer. Don’t say anything negative about your previous employers or company. Make sure to convince them you are the best fit for a job in Walmart by presenting a positive attitude. 

Maintain eye contact with the interviewer while answering the questions. Try to be precise and meticulous about what you say. Keep some questions ready, in case you get a chance to ask the interviewer. 

Follow Up

After the day of your interview, email a letter of gratitude thanking all the officials who have spent their precious time interviewing you. If the manager gave a certain timeline to follow up, ensure to do so. Else,  follow up yourself after a week of your interview to confirm if the manager has decided anything yet. This will be evident that you are pretty interested in this job.

Walmart Prices


There are several types of jobs available in Walmart depending on the level at which their salary is determined. Out of them, here are some of the highest paid jobs in Walmart:

  • The mean salary of a Store Manager is around $150,000 to $250,000 annually, including remunerations (which vary widely from one retail company to the other).
  • The Pharmacy Manager gets a minimum wage of about $140,000 to $160,000 annually. Whereas, the Shift Manager with a per annum salary amounting from $50,000 to $80,000.
  • Order Filler, Assistant Manager, then Customer  Service Manager is the other among the highest-paid employees who solely work in Distribution services at a payout of $35,000 to $40,000, $45,000 to $50,000, and $22,000, respectively.

Apart from that, other low-level employments include the job of a Cashier who is paid on a per hour basis ranging between $7-$17, with an of $9 per hour.

Inventory Control personnel, Sales Associate, are the other added job roles who receive $10 and  $9 minimally per hour, respectively. These workers generally work in the back of the store whose work mostly includes moving stock to the out front of the required shelf. 

Training and Future Opportunity

Being a place of wider job opportunities, Walmart trains you to keep going as far as your skills and hard work can take you to.  

Working here, the job associates get better living standards for their families. Walmart invests in each of their associates by offering comparatively high payout, advanced training via Walmart Academies. Not just that, the company also makes sure about their employees’ career development by conducting certain Pathways training programs and, above all, a chance to grow both professionally and personally. 

Walmart Employees

Walmart offers a wider range of educational benefits, where the associates are given sales floor training through immersive training, advanced soft cum retail skills like leadership, communications, and management.

  • About 75% of the high-waged store management teams previously began their career in Walmart working as hourly associates. This is evident that Walmart has taken certain considerable initiatives towards the well-being of their associates that turned them from temporary to permanent employees. It is expected that their training and employee benefit program is going to be much better with time in the long run. 

Added To Tips To Increase Chance Of Getting Hired

If you want to keep yourself better prepared for a job in Walmart, then make sure about the following:

  • Apply to more than one branch of the Walmart retail store.
  • Must be flexible in availability
  • Apply separately for a number of job roles you are comfortable with.
  • Crack the assessment test.
  • Make sure your job application is above all on the pile.
  • Be persistent and ready to appear in the interview. 
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