Top Technologies Behind the Live igaming Experience

An online casino’s success depends greatly on the technology it uses. The gaming experience offered by these platforms has improved by leaps and bounds, with the technological advancements over the years. The online casinos of today are quite different from how they used to be when they started out in the 90s. Today, players have many different options, all thanks to technology.

Live casino games are rapidly becoming a norm today, as they offer a highly realistic casino gaming experience to the players. Regardless of whether you are a highroller casino enthusiast or someone who indulges in these games only sporadically, a live casino can deliver a highly engaging and social gaming experience to you. But, it requires plenty of action under the hood to make such gaming possible. Let’s tell you about some top-notch technologies behind the modern-day live casinos.


Many think that they can set up a live casino by using a few handy cameras. Please note, the cameras employed in a live casino setup are far from the regular cameras we see in our day-to-day lives. It’s common for such operators to use 4K cameras, with excellent frame rates, to ensure that every player gets nothing but the best view of the gaming action.

A regular live casino table is normally equipped with a minimum of three top-notch cameras, or sometimes even more. There is an angle that gives you a nice view of the entire table, the dealer as well as his hands while s/he puts down the cards or spins the wheel. There may be another camera that closes upon the dealer as s/he goes about the game, giving a more realistic experience. Players are also allowed to interact with the dealer while the game happens. It’s not uncommon to ask the dealers some questions, just like you would do when you’re visiting a brick-and-mortar casino.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tech

Talking a bit more about the cameras, this is another camera technology that is commonly used in all live casinos. The OCR or Optical Character Recognition tech records and captures every single activity that happens on a gaming table. It’s responsible for enabling live and real-time communication with the dealer too. The OCR system follows every dice combination, wheel number, suits, card symbol, etc. of the game, cross-references the gathered data with a database, and then shows the results on a screen.


As a result, players are able to take necessary gaming actions based on the information they see on the screen. In fact, it won’t be wrong to state that it’s the OCR tech that brings the interactive element to these games.

Gaming Control Units (GCU)

This is basically software connected to the gaming tables used in a live casino setup. It’s the gaming control units that make this type of gaming possible by encoding and broadcasting video from a live casino studio. A GCU keeps the dealer updated about the happenings on the table, and also guides them when exactly should they spin a roulette wheel or draw card from the deck.

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