Global Online Gaming Market – 2025 Market Growth Forecast

The Global Online Gaming Market (GOGM) has recently unveiled its report based on a thorough analysis of the industry trends. It covered the historical data of several segments, including the obstacles the market players face in the industry.

This report aimed to thoroughly analyze the trends in the Online Gaming industry so far and to predict the outcome by 2025.

This report also examines key players in the major and global regions and divides the global market of online gaming into segments, end businesses, etc. Among the most popular online games are The Sims, PUBG, online blackjack, Candy Crush, Lego Star Wars, etc. and the developers behind are Electronic Arts, Tencent, Microsoft, Sony, NCSOFT, Giant Interactive Group, Zynga, and King Digital Entertainment, etc.

Online Gaming

Global Online Gaming Market Insights 

The insights into the Global Online Gaming Market cover traits, size, and growth, segmentation, competitive landscape, regional retreats, trends, market shares, and plans, etc. A part of this report by GOGM, called Attributes, defined as well as explains the market growth, covering industry earnings and corresponding historical growth to predict the future.

The process of segmentation divides the crucial sub-industries of Online Gaming, which form the market. The following are the different types of market segments:

  1. Online gaming on Smartphones
  2. Online gaming on Tablets
  3. Others

Based on these market segments, the applications are further divided into certain categories, such as

  1. Senior citizens
  2. Mature Adults
  3. Adults
  4. Young Adults

Key Points Covered by the GOGM Report

As the GOGM report was quite comprehensive, it covered the following major points:

  • The things we can discuss are the leading market players in the market are the suppliers of raw material, various equipment, traders, vendors, and clients, etc.
  • The historical online gaming data for the duration of 2014 to 2019 and forecast for the duration of 2019 to 2025.
  • The profile details of these businesses include the business capability, production, cost, price, sales volume, gross income profit, revenue, sales revenue, gross margin, import, export, plans, distribution, and some technological advancements as required.
  • The market report delivers a research-based decision, including the feasibility of investments in new projects in the sector. The industry is a prime source of what individuals are interested in.

Regions Covered by the GOGM Report

The analytical report based on the Online Gaming Market comprises historical data extracted from 2014 to 2019 to predict the future until 2025. The report covers the data for the regions of Europe, China, the Middle East & Africa, other parts of Asia Pacific, Central & South America, North America, and the UK.

The data captured by the report makes it a crucial resource for industry executives, promotions, product managers, advisers, analysts, sales managers, and other people who seek vital information on the Online Gaming industry with clearly exhibited charts and tables.


The Global Online Gaming Market has seen tremendous growth in revenue for the last 6 years (2012–2018), which stood at $137.9 billion. Based on this report, industry experts can easily predict further growth by 2025.