Google is messing with search results and it can be proven

When somebody types in the search term into Google, for example, Jackpot Capital casino download, the person expects to get search results back that are relevant to their search.   In an ideal world, the actual link to the actual downloadable file for the Jackpot Capital casino download should be the first item. But in reality, it will, in a majority of instances, end up within the first 5 – 10 search results.

But what if nothing came back?  If you knew, for a fact, without a single doubt in your mind that there was something in the vast internet world that matched those keywords, and nothing came back, what would you think?

Well, I have found such a search result.  The reason why this is big is that it proves without a single doubt in anybody’s mind that Google had already put into place the ability to selectively not show certain keywords.  Now imagine this, it is the 2020 Presidential Debate, and one of the questions is “Is Hunter Biden’s son being paid $85k per month by a Chinese company when Hunter Biden has no experience, considered a form of bribery?”

Maybe somebody hasn’t been paying attention and has no idea.

searching on google

what this question is talking about.  So they type into Google +”Hunter Biden” +China +85k and nothing comes back. Zero, zilch, nada. Would anybody believe that there are no search results?  What would Google say, “Ooops, we have a software issue and we are looking into it.”  

But my test results will prove Google precreated the software code to allow Google at any point, any time to across the board, return zero search results for a valid search query.  In other words, Google has all of the pieces in place to interfere in the 2020 US Presidential election, and videos have been released that show that Google has every intention of using this code.

My personal testing of Google’s search engine

I actually came across this “bug” / “feature” back in June 2019 when I had to write a letter to somebody and I needed to reference a previously published article.  It is now January 30, 2020, and today I have been able to recreate these search results.

For all of these results, I expected at least a page of search results involving news articles.  This is the results I got back.

Search Test 1

Keywords: +child +pornography +Muslim

Expected results: News articles that talked about child pornography involving Muslims.  Since there was a big case involving a child, sexual abuse, and grooming in London, England, I should have gotten back some results.

Google Results: Nothing — “Your search – +child +pornography +muslim – did not match any documents.”

Search Test 2

keywords: +child +pornography +Christian

Google Results: News articles

Search Test 3:

keywords: +child +pornography +Jewish

Google Results: 

“No results found for +child +pornography +jewish.

Results for child pornography Jewish (without punctuation – Learn more):”

Search Test 4:

keywords: child pornography Muslim

Google Results: Nothing

Search Test 5: 

keywords: child pornography Christian

Google results: About 16,300,000 results (0.44 seconds)

Search Test 6: 

keywords: child pornography Jewish

Google Results: About 7,240,000 results (0.48 seconds)

Search Test 7: 

keywords: pornography Muslim

Google Results: About 38,000,000 results (0.34 seconds)

Search Test 8

keywords: pornography Christian

Google Results: About 45,100,000 results (0.43 seconds)

Search Test 9: 

keywords: pornography Jewish

Google Results: About 3,320,000 results (0.59 seconds)

Search Test 10:

For this test I change to the browser Opera and I change to the search engine “duckduckgo”.

keywords: child pornography muslim

Duckduckgo Results: News articles were returned (as expected).  Duckduckgo does not give a total count of results returned.

Search Test 11:

keywords: +child +pornography +muslim

Duckduckgo Results: News articles were returned (as expected).  Duckduckgo does not give a total count of results returned.


I have just proved without a single doubt in anybody’s mind that Google in manipulating their search research based on the individual whims of the individual programmers at Google.

One, Google has the ability to selectively remove ALL (and I mean 100%, not a single link showing) for search results that it does not politically agree with.  When I searched for +child +pornography +muslim using Chrome and Google, I got zero results back. When I did the same search using the Opera browser and the search engine duckduckgo, I got search results back.

Two, Google has the ability to selectively change a search pattern to increase the chances that negative search results of their “enemy” appear.   When I searched for +child +pornography +Jewish, Google changed my search parameters to just child pornography Jewish. Google did not change the search parameters when I searched for either child pornography Christian or child pornography Muslim.  

So what does this all mean?

It means that Google has the ability already in place, and has had it in place for over 6 months now (at least), to wipe out whole search results with a few keystrokes. 

Would Google implement this for personal political gain? Let’s look at the evidence. Negative search results about Muslims, removed from existence from Google’s results.  Negative search results about Jews, search criteria changed to return the maximum number of negative search results. And it is not standard procedure, because they left the search results for the keywords +child +pornography +Christians alone (returned results, but did not change the search criteria).

So will Google use this programming to affect the 2020 election?  There is a pro-Muslim and anti-Jewish bias written directly into Google software code.  And it is not generic programming, because the Christian test was the control.

Trump moved the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Trump set up travel bans from Muslim countries that are heavily involved in terrorism, and Trump is working to seal the US’s borders.  In other words, Trump is not the best friend of the whole Mulsim community. Not to mention the fact that videos have been released where the leaders of Google talk about definitely having plans to interfere in the 2020 election against Trump.  These tests just prove that the software is in place and ready to go.

Is that illegal?  Should it be illegal?  I don’t know.  Is the fact that Google receives money for foreign advertisers affect anything?  Is the fact that Google is an international company and directly getting involved in manipulating, what should be freely available knowledge to the public, affect anything?  Again, I don’t know.

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