For Guardian Tales Noobs, which android emulator is the best choice?

Kakao Games released the game during early march. Guardian Tales is an excellent RPG release with fluent and engaging gameplay featuring catchy characters and arcs that puts players in nostalgia, especially any web player. It is a platformer styled 2D offline RPG and was initially launched softly in the Philippines and Malaysia. It got pretty much global attention since players were mostly using VPN to play it globally. However, it is still an issue for many people who aren’t much of a fan for VPNs and want to try this game. It is highly addictive and incredible, which is perfect for days during the COVID-19 outbreak as you’re probably quarantined.

Game Screen

The Overall Storyline

Besides beautiful 2d sentimentality guardian stories, it offers a smooth story mode that accompanies an assortment of advantages that keeps you playing for quite a while. There are many weapons, defensive layer overhauls, and classes available that keeps the game new and replay capacity high ongoing

The Characters

The progression system of characters and their base levels relies on XP crystal, which is achieved from each map you complete. It also lets the player eventually level up other chars that they have not played yet by searching for equipment with your major ones. However, there are several different aspects of the development of character, including an awakening and class evolution. Both are done through farming the challenging dungeons, which also have an autoplay option if you need it.

Weapons and Features

Taking a gander at the assortment of weapons, protections, and character types, there are a lot of things you won’t expect and specifically, that resembles the kind of play styles you can have. This game permits a ton of opportunity doesn’t do its equity. Every weapon works distinctively inside its group. The fireballs will essentially be going to work a similar route as another fireball directly close to it.

Games Map

In general, they will have distinctive, exceptional assaults; additionally, all the reach weapons work somewhat better. Both charged firearms run, and prey permit you to move and shoot, something very similar for various sharp edges. There are even weapons for pets. One of the best time minutes and surprising minutes advise you that you could play a pristine pet wolf that you would pursue through the guide in the story mode.

Want To Rank Up Fast? Be A Little Tricky

Even though the game’s overall narrative is efficiently completed without the use of any exclusive weapon, this is still a competitive game. It’s not much simple to rank your way up without utilizing any EWP or only weapon. Hence, if you are a starter, then reroll story stages to 1-4 with side quests. Proceed with rift dungeons till the point where you collected 2700 gems and head to your achievements to reroll.

Rerolling For Beginners

Rerolling is not as comfortable and straightforward in this game; however, after completing World 1-4 Forest Border, you can unlock pretty much useful features such as summon. Please do your best to avoid wasting your gems to call because you can get most of them for free. Always try to aim for natural 3-star weapons whenever rerolling. Rerolling in the game isn’t simple, yet there are two different ways to gather the saints or weapons. In any case, the most recommendable route is by bringing the guns.

Tier List

If higher will be the average star rating, higher or predominant, the legend will be. A characteristic 3-star legend will outflank the average 2-star rating saint. Yet, to get a characteristic 3-star saint isn’t a simple undertaking in Guardian stories. Another significant point is that weapons have a significant impact on deciding the saint’s level.

Some legends and their guns are exceptionally unique so remember all the focuses while putting assets into your saints. You can undoubtedly beat story mode with any legend and weapon if you contribute enough f your time and assets into them yet to beat a PvP; you have to have solid saints to win. This level rundown is made with the weapons in the brain.

  • SS Tier

This tier will let you have strong heroes that’ll help you level up efficiently, especially in PVP. Almost every hero here is useful; however, if your goal is to rank top, Bari with Mayreel or Marina with Armada might be a fast route.

  • S Tier

Even though this tier deserves to hold any natural hero ranking three stars, this is not the case. You’ll get a unique type of armory or a weapon within the gacha system in this tier.

  • A Tier

The one of a kind normal 2-star saints ought to have novel weapons, yet they are not equivalent to regular 3-star legends.

  • B Tier

Any common 2-star saint with no special weapon ought to be set at this level. This entire level rundown is planned by keeping weapons in the brain since weapons are significant in Guardian stories and win PvP if you have solid legends with remarkable weapons. And if you even want more efficient progress, then merely claiming exclusives will rank you up fast.

Guardian Tales likewise includes the exemplary RPG vital battle framework; you can build up your characters, overhaul your weapons, and prepare yourself to crush adversaries. Notwithstanding, as the game gets savage, it is hard for you to control your characters with your cell phones. Subsequently, if you play Guardian Tales with LDPlayer, the touch screen will be supplanted by the console and mouse, making control more adaptable and exact.

Introduction to LDPlayer

LDPlayer is quite a famous name for good quality android emulators to emulate games such as Guardian Tales on PC. The game comes with a ton of catchy features and is way more than just a casual RPG. You can download the LDPlayer as an emulator for free anytime you want to have a taste of this game on your PC. LDPlayer is considered the best choice for casual RPGs like these, and several things make it obvious why it is the best choice.

Software Updates

A Stable Software Update

The LDPlayer is based on the new kernel of Android 7.1 with a high-end frame rate ratio and compatibility. It keeps supporting users to run games like Guardian Tales with much better performance on their PCs.

Multifunctionally Optimized

This emulator is famous for its multifunctional optimizing features and settings that make everything simple and efficient. Everything from RAM, CPU, resolution to customization and everything makes it better than the mobile version.

LD Player

Secure Use and Features

Offering stable and secure assistance, LDPlayer vows to ensure your record wellbeing and protection. We won’t take and release your any close to home data when you play Guardian Tales on LDPlayer. With these best functions, LDPlayer has been the best android emulator.


The game Guardian Tales is an overwhelmingly underrate RPG available on mobile that any web will find lovable. The game has attractive gameplay, unique characters, humor, and references to keep things light and enjoyable. The control skills are pretty efficient and straightforward without any overwhelming requirements or techniques only straight to the need.

All of this gets even better when combined with the character and features to allow players to explore several ways to play the game. This feature perhaps makes the game so addictive and re-playable as well. This game is incredible and should be played at least once during gaming time. However, being new to the gaming world, this game might take some time to grow ultimately.

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