How is IIT Delhi as compared to IIT Bombay?

Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) have always been the first choice of every student who wishes to pursue engineering. Students work ceaselessly to score a good rank in Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) that is required to take admission in IITs. While students pray to get enrolled in any of the IITs, there are few lucky ones who get shortlisted for two and more of the institutes.

If someone has been selected for both, IIT Delhi and IIT Bombay, then this article can help to make an informed decision. So, let’s compare the various features of the two esteemed colleges.

Rankings and statistics

In the QS Asia Rankings 2019, IIT Bombay was ranked 33rd and led all the other Indian universities. IIT Delhi followed closely behind at 40th rank. Also, in the QS BRICS Rankings 2019, which ranks the universities in Brazil, South Africa, India, China and Russia, IIT Bombay was ranked 8th while IIT Delhi was ranked 18th. According to the data collected in the academic year 2016-17, over 30% of the top 500 rankers chose IIT Delhi while over 42% opted for IIT Bombay.

Pay packages and career prospects

Both colleges provide numerous placement and job opportunities for students. Samsung Korea/US offered an IIT Bombay student an astounding package of Rs 80 lakh per annum in the academic session 2013-14. It was the highest package ever received by the college

In 2012, Microsoft offered a package of Rs 52 lakh per annum to a student of IIT Bombay for its Washington office, while Schlumberger offered an IIT Delhi student a package of Rs 33 lakh per annum in 2012. This was the highest domestic package ever received by the college. Also, Epic, a US-based software firm, offered a package of Rs 64.8 lakh per annum to a student of IIT Delhi. Moreover, Epic recruited 16 students of the college.

IIT - Delhi

Campus and infrastructure

Located in Hauz Khas, the IIT Delhi campus is sprawled across an area of 320 acres. The campus has a prime location and is well-connected to the major areas of the city. New Delhi Railway Station is nearly 14 km away, while the Delhi airport is located at a distance of 10 km. Moreover, the inter-state bus stand is 21 km away. With 24-hourI Internet connectivity, the campus has a well-stocked and fully air-conditioned library, modern amphitheaters, fields for hockey, cricket and football, courts for squash and badminton, a swimming pool and facilities for weight lifting and table tennis.

On the other hand, the IIT Bombay campus is located in Powai, Mumbai and has a serene and revitalizing atmosphere. The campus is at an hour’s distance from the main city and is well-connected through buses and local trains. Also, the college provides the necessary transportation facilities. The campus maintains banks, a shopping complex, and a hospital.

IIT - Mumbai

It also has grounds for hockey, football and cricket, and courts for volleyball, tennis, squash and basketball and two swimming pools. In addition, it has a separate area for cultural activities, a huge air-conditioned library, and uninterrupted Wi-Fi connectivity

Cultural activities

Both colleges are known for participating in various activities and organizing incredible cultural events. IIT Bombay’s ‘Mood Indigo’ is Asia’s biggest cultural festival. The tech fest held by the college every January is also quite popular. Other well-known events hosted by the institute are Radiance, Zephyr, Azeotropy, Padarth, Aagomani, and Aakaar. On the other hand, IIT Delhi is known for organizing festivals like Speranza and Rendezvous.

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