How Mobile Phones Have Allowed the Betting Industry to Grow

The betting industry is one that continues to grow in size, with more and more people turning to gambling for fun around the world. Traditionally, bets were placed by visiting a bookmaker, this may have been in a shop or at a sporting event.

Internet betting via a computer opened up a new avenue that expanded the industry but the real rise has been seen thanks to mobile betting, something which continues to pick up pace.

In life, many people want convenience, and as far as betting goes, mobile wagering brings the ultimate convenience for people who want it.

Phones that have been created by big producers such as Apple and Samsung are so powerful that we can do almost anything on them, including betting. The industry has taken advantage of that in a big way.

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A Bookmaker in Your Pocket

If you have your phone, which the majority of us do all the time, then you have your bookmaker thanks to mobile betting. The majority have an app you can download, meaning you are only ever a couple of swipes away from placing a bet.

In a bid to attract new mobile customers, bookmakers have put together a range of excellent offers that can be used by new players. Offers such as Unibet’s money back promotion allow new customers the chance to have a great start with their betting.

This can all be done no matter where you are, from being in the office to visiting friends and even while you are at a sporting event if you wish to bet on the match.

There is no longer any reason to not bet, you shouldn’t miss a wager, this is the level of service that bookmakers now bring.

The Power of Phones

One of the things that have really helped the betting industry move forward with mobile betting is the power of new mobile phones.

These phones are now made to do almost anything and can handle everything the betting industry throws at them.

This means a better service for players. As an example, you can place live bets on your mobile, watch live streams of the events you have placed a bet on, make deposits and withdrawals, and even speak to the customer service team.

There is no longer a reason to use a computer for your betting account, everything can be controlled and watched via your mobile. The reason we have this is thanks to the great new advancements that companies such as Apple and Samsung have made over the past decade.

Like many industries, mobile phones offer the perfect platform for the betting industry to shine.

What Could Happen in the Future?

The mobile industry and betting industry are both on the rise. Continuing working together with the betting industry moving towards mobile is only going to be good for them.

One piece of technology we are currently seeing used a lot on mobile phones is voice technology. This is something that many people are getting used to use around the home as well as on their phones.

Could we see the betting industry use this to improve their service further? Rather than logging on and scrolling through the different markets to place your bets, could we see a scenario where people speak their bets into a betting app?

The app would then place the bets for them, saving a lot of time and effort for those who place bets on multiple selections across many different sports.

Voice technology is coming into a lot of different industries, the betting industry may be one of the next.

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