How to Develop an App like Tinder

Tinder is one of the most popular dating sites for meeting interesting people. It is a location-based social search mobile app which has a revolutionary feature like swipe right (for like) and swipes left for (dislike) and perhaps this is one reason that makes Tinder available on everyone’s phone.  If you are willing to meet new people, expand your network, meet locals while traveling, then Tinder is the best and the most popular apps in the world. With Tinder you can swipe, match, chat and date, and Tinder makes finding a date easy and fun.

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If you are planning to build an app like tinder then you need to look into the set of features it possesses. A typical Tinder-style app should firstly be a location-based app, unlike other dating apps that use traditional personal information and surveys. Let us consider the basic features of Tinder first.

Top Features of Tinder App

Simple & Easy Log In

Tinder has a very simple login process. You can simply log in via Facebook or phone number. Tinder has the algorithm in place which extracts the basic user information from Facebook to make the login process seamless and avoid traditional form filling process. If you are planning to create a dating app like Tinder this is one crucial point that you should keep in mind.

User Profiles

A typical Tinder-style app should provide basic information to show on the profile of the user. Tinder facilitates users to import basic information from Facebook. You can also add the basic information manually, along with your photos and a brief description. Profiles show:

  1. Age
  2. Location
  3. Brief Description
  4. Mutual Friends on Facebook
  5. Mutual Interests.


Closeness or proximity is an important feature of Tinder. Tinder, from its inception, aimed at connecting people based on their current geolocation. Geolocation is a very crucial function of Tinder and Tinder constantly fetches a user’s geolocation. While building a tinder clone it is essential to consider this feature to emulate the real dating world like Tinder.

Discovery settings

If you are a Tinder user then you are probably aware of this feature. Tinder users can adjust discovery settings by age, sex, and distance. The free version allows a user to set a search radius up to 10 miles.

Swipe Left / Swipe Right

If you are determined to create a dating app like Tinder then you should check this feature meticulously. Swipe is a unique feature of Tinder and can be considered as the unique value proposition of Tinder. The feature was designed to increase the process of finding a date. If you swipe to the right it means like and a swipe to the left means dislike. The swipe interface makes online dating seamless, easy and exciting.


This feature is only possible if both the users mutually like each other. When a match is made, users can chat with each other.

Real-time Chat

Subsequent to the matchmaking feature, a private chat is opened as soon as the users are matched. Tinder users can like messages, add emojis, and send GIFs.

Social Media Integration

A typical Tinder-style app should allow social media integration like Tinder. Tinder users can integrate their Instagram and Snapchat accounts with their dating profile which opens the door for more conversations and interactions within the app.

Push notifications

This is an essential feature that you should employ if you are planning to build a Tinder clone. Push notifications ensure frequent returns and user engagement. Tinder notifies its users about new matches, messages and app updates.

Cost of Developing a dating app like Tinder

Cost of building dating apps depends on the set of features you want, the complexity of those feature sets, development time and rates. Based on the features mentioned above the total hours to develop a Tinder like app in Android platform will consume around 1750 to 2300 hours and to develop the app on iOS platform it will require 1750 to 2250 hours. The estimated team size will be around 9 persons. Approximate cost for IOS will be anywhere around $44,000 to $57,000 and development charges for the Android platform will hover around $45,000 to $57,000.

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Creating a mind-blowing dating app like Tinder requires you to brainstorm what kind of dating app you are going to create. Will it be GEO located through GPS or will it have GEO Fencing, or will it simply rely on the algorithms based on matching personality preferences. It is possible to integrate the features in a single app but ideally, you might be looking forward to making this app more specific by targeting a specific group or targeting in a specific way.

If you have planned to build a similar app then it should cover the general meet and greets which has made Tinder stand out. While developing a Tinder-style app you should flesh out while creating a business plan. The first thing that you should consider is the name of your dating apps which should be catchy to help people remember it. Consider your target audience, their age group, location, etc. Interface and design are crucial to make or break an app because no one wants to use an application with a cumbersome interface. Finally, if you created a dating app you need to have a strong marketing plan in place. The key to success is making a visually appealing, interactive dating app with seamless user ability, but it’s also to make sure that the customer base keeps growing.


This is a brief guide to create a dating app like Tinder. The significance of this article is that your dating app need not have to do it all, instead, whatever you wish to provide in your app or whatever your dating app is trying to accomplish, it should do it well in order to set your dating app apart from the crowd. If after going through this article you find that creating a Tinder clone is something you are willing to invest in then don’t hesitate to contact us we can be the sound box for your innovative ideas.

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