How to Download Facebook Videos

YouTube is undoubtedly the largest video sharing network but if I ask you where you watch most of the interesting videos daily then the answer will certainly be Facebook. Due to our settings, Facebook friends, fan pages that we have liked and groups we have joined, read Books, watched Movies, etc. that we have listed in Facebook, our Facebook profile is personalized, to the best level.

Hence, most of the videos that appear in our Facebook feed are interesting. So, if you want to share these cool videos with your friends who are not active on Facebook or just want to keep them saved in your phone’s gallery then you need to download these Facebook videos. If you are thinking “how?” then is the perfect answer for you!

Download facebook video easily

What is is an easy-to-use website which allows you to download Facebook videos for free. This Facebook video downloader lets you download Facebook videos in different MP4 video quality. So, whether you are looking to download the desired Facebook video in low 480p, medium 640p, standard 840p or 1080p HD resolution, you have the option to download in any video resolution that you like. You can even download just the audio of selected Facebook video.

And, this is achieved only in just 3 simple steps, no matter whether you are trying to download Facebook videos using your Smartphone or Laptop. Thanks to which works seamlessly in both mobile as well as the desktop platform.

How to Download Facebook Videos using

Earlier, before, downloading a Facebook download used to be tricky as you were needed to install a special app and options were also limited as far as video quality is considered. But, has made Facebook video downloading a piece of cake. Using these simple steps, even a child will be able to download any video from Facebook in no time.

Step 1: Copy Facebook Video Address

Firstly, you need to grab URL of Facebook video which you want to download. To do this, click on the Time of a FB video post. It will take you to the video page. Here, copy the Address URL before “?” sign. For example, in my selected video is the URL or the video.

Grab Facebook Video Link

Step 2: Paste Video URL in

Now, visit from your web browser and paste this video URL in the field provided in front of you. Then click the Download button provided at the right side of the URL field. will now start parsing the URL and grabbing download link of the targeted Facebook video in different resolution. This process will only take 2 to 3 seconds.

FBDownload Page

Step 3: Download the Facebook Video

Now, will automatically list all the download links of the selected Facebook video. There are 480×480, 640×640, 854×854, 1080×1080, SD, SD(Mirror), HD(Mirror) as well as Audio-only download link of the Facebook video that you’ve pasted in above step. Each of them have their separate Download button on the right.

Grab Video Download Link

Click any of the Download buttons and it will open the video in your browser’s new tab to play from its media URL directly. So, in this manner, you can watch the video in selected video resolution. When you want to download the video, right click on the Download button, and choose “Save link as” option to save this video anywhere in your PC.

Save Video

Now, you have the desired Facebook video downloaded in your PC. Similar steps are used to download Facebook videos in smartphone using If you want to download more videos, just follow the same steps again and again. You can download unlimited number of videos.

Wrapping it Up has provided the easiest way to download Facebook video at the fastest speed allowed by your connection. Users can watch the quality of videos before downloading and unlike other video downloaders, doesn’t restrict or limit your IP address to allow only a certain number of downloads per hour. You can download unlimited Facebook videos in High quality, standard quality or low quality for free using

The feature to provide just the audio-only version of Facebook videos is quite unique and, at the same time, useful too as it allows you to download song, song covers, background music etc. of certain Facebook videos which is otherwise hard or not possible to find on YouTube. So, if you want to free download Facebook videos easily, visit

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