How To Find The Best Developers For Your App

When you are looking for the best developer for your app, you must consider several things. Use the tips below to find the best developer. You can ask your developer several questions when you are ready to build an app, and you should work with someone who will be your partner in the innovation and growth of your business.

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Ask The Developer To See Their Portfolio

You won’t know how to find an app developer fit for your vision because there are so many companies out there who would claim to be the best at what they do. This is why you should ask to see their portfolio. Their portfolio shows you the work that they do, and you might go so far as downloading the apps that they have made. If you like the work that you see, you can contact the companies that worked with the developer.

You will get direct comments about how the developer works, and you will learn how the company helps its clients. If you do not like what you hear, you should move on.

Ask The Developer For References

As part of the search, you should ask the developer for references. The developer can give you good references, and you can have the conversations mentioned above.

Talk To The Developer About Their Vision For Your App

As you determine the cost of app development, you should ask the developer to explain their vision for your app. You might have an idea of what you want, but you should let the developer tell you what they would do.

When you have this talk with the developer, they will start drawing up an estimate for you. You can approve or decline the estimate. You can collect estimates because you want to know who has the lowest prices. If these people are not willing to give you an estimate, you need to move on.

Ask The Developer If They Use Agile Development Techniques

As you learn how to find an app developer, you should ask the developer if they use Agile methods. People who use Agile methods can design an app that is specific to what you want. Plus, you should ask the company to create multiple versions of the app that you can try.

Once you get more than one version of the app, you can start approving the parts of the app that you like. Also, you should ask the developer if they can create an iOS version, Android version, and other versions of the app. If you do not have multiple versions of the app, you might have a problem creating an audience. It is difficult for you to make money if you only have one version of the app. Plus, you should ask the developer if they take charge of the app for updates, security, and other upgrades.

How Does the Developer Test Your App?

Ask the developer how they can test your app. They will let you test certain versions of the app if you need to see them, or they will use their own testers to check your app. The developer might use a third-party tester to make sure that your app works well, and the company will explain any issues they have found in their apps.

When you are upgrading or updating your apps, you should make sure that the developer takes the lead in doing this. The developer should let you know when they plan to do updates, and they should tell you when they have concerns about security or market trends. The developer should do all the redesigns when you need them, or they should alert you to new security protocols that you should use. If the developer makes the app, hands it over, and does nothing else, you should look elsewhere.

How Much Are You Paying For Yearly Management?

When you are checking the cost of app development, you should ask how much you will pay every year for maintenance and management. Companies that provide estimates for your app need to provide you a transparent proposal that contains details about the cost of app maintenance so you can negotiate the fee. 

You should ask for estimates from multiple companies until you one that you believe offers the most affordable fees. 

Can Your Developer Create Web Apps?

You may want to work with a developer that also creates web apps for your site. When the developer makes new web apps, they can create information for your customers that is helpful. For example, your company can create a web app that shows current stock prices for a hedge fund. Customers can check those prices at any time, and you can add that information to your app.

When you are looking for web apps, you should ask the developer if they should add those items to your mobile app. The developer can make it easy for you to see how your app can make more money, and the developer will make the app for you based on what your company does.

Ask About eCommerce And Web Stores

You need to know that the developer can build a web store that is worthy of your investment. The company should show you how they make web stores, and they must give you partial control over the web store. Also, you need to find an eCommerce platform that allows you to take all the payment methods your customers use. You are trying to make your website and company easy to work with. However, that is impossible if you are using the wrong eCommerce platform.


There are several things that you can do to make your business approachable and profitable. You might prefer to work with a company that can create a brand new app, or you might find a company that can recreate your old app. Let the company show you their vision for the app, and ask the company if they have any advice for you. You can work on upgrades, add a web store, and replicate some of the items from your site. Plus, you should let the developer manage the app throughout the year.

Robyn Matthews started writing about technology when she was far too young and hasn't stopped. She spends most of his time obsessing over computer software and hardware, and loves talking about herself in third person.