How to Get More Followers on Instagram for Free

Getting followers on Instagram is now the main pre-occupation for almost every other person with an Instagram account. And it is for good reason. Instagram is now the most popular social media platform and has the highest level of engagement. Random individuals are getting popular and becoming influencers simply by getting followers on their account. Brands are also taking notice by paying these influencers to market their products. If earning is becoming this easy, then why not grow an Instagram following?

However, growing a following is easier said than done. It takes a lot of patience and persistence to get a true and engaging following. Even with more than 800 million monthly users, you still have to work hard and smart to grow an Instagram following. Some result in buying followers to create an impression that they have a following. Based on this guide, though, you can get more followers without having to result to buying.

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Make Your Bio Interesting

You really do not have an option when it comes to growing your Instagram following. Your bio is what people see when they first visit your account. You have to ensure that it is attractive enough to convince at least a couple of your visitors to click the follow button. Have a nice and attractive profile picture and a brief explanation of what your account is all about. Have your name as clear as possible. You can have a fancy Instagram username, but you have to ensure your official name is indeed your name or that of your business. This creates confidence in visitors to know that they are not dealing with an impostor.

Post Content

Once your bio is set, you will need to spruce up your profile. You can have a killer bio that impresses a lot of people, but it would be useless if have no content. These things have to go hand in hand. Instagram is an image-centric platform, where most visitors visit to get entertained. It is a must, therefore, that you post quality content and do so regularly. You can have a schedule of posting to create an expectation. This compels your fans to check your account on this particular time increasing your user activity and exposing your content to more new users.

Follow Other Users

You do not expect to have followers if you do not follow others. After sprucing up your profile, you then have to start engaging other users to get attention to your account. This requires you to follow others so that they can also follow you. While it is not certain that those you follow will follow you back, it increases the chances of getting followed other than just waiting for them to follow you first. Studies show that those you follow are more than likely going to follow you back. This is always a simple and easy way of getting some of your first followers.


Now that you have begun getting followers and you are still posting content, get to socialize with others. Engage your followers in interesting conversations and contests. Identify popular conversations related to your niche and actively participate in them. This activity exposes your account and content to very many new users, which is what you need to grow your following. The more you interact with others in various discussions and events, the more followers you get.

Get a Unique Hashtag

You can create your own unique hashtag and encourage other users to use the tag. Ensure that your hashtag has a specific function. This makes it easier for people to identify and participate in its activities. When Instagram users take the cue of your tag, you can repost their content and have yours reposted to. Always ensure that give due credit when you repost other users’ content. With this kind of network, you will have your account exposed to so many new users and rapidly grow your following. You can even geotag your photos where you show pictures of nice places that you have visited. Having such establishments as part of your followers helps expose your account to more people.

There are a lot more ways of growing your following. These are just but a few of them. The key is to be persistent and be patient. Soon you will see the results.

Robyn Matthews started writing about technology when she was far too young and hasn't stopped. She spends most of his time obsessing over computer software and hardware, and loves talking about herself in third person.