Things You Should Know To Get Real IG Followers

Instagram has quickly risen in stock to become a world-leading social network. Brands already utilizing tactics for more engagement on it have reaped enormous benefits. One of the ways to get more credibility is by having more people following your Instagram (IG) page. With over 200 million active members on IG, you have a large pool of people to tap into.

The best part is that Instagrammers are very reactive to content posted. One study puts engagement on Instagram 52 times higher than on Facebook. Quantum Marketer says you can buy real Instagram followers. However, there are some pitfalls with buying followers, which is explained in the post. Here, we look at some white hat strategies to get real Instagram followers.

real ig followers

1. Promote Your #Hashtag

It is essential to create a hashtag on your post that reverberates with your target audience. If done right, the hashtag will flow on its own to relevant people to it. The best way to capture your audience is through other platforms like Facebook or even email. The moment people view you #hashtag, they will get curious and get to your IG page. However, you must ensure creativity and interest in a tag you make if you want it to bring in more audiences.

Another fantastic approach is to promote your hashtag offline. You might do this using print media or televised ads. This method captures the attention of people, most of whom have smartphones and internet connectivity. Just a few clicks and they will get your post, and the possibility is high that they will follow you.

2. Ride the Wave of What Is Trending

Incorporate your creativity into what’s trending. Online, trends change and if people see you as someone who will likely keep them on the loop, and then they will probably follow you. One way of getting to know what trending is looking at popular hashtags on IG or other social networks. To sweeten the mix, try to fit some original and relevant mix of your post to a trending hashtag. By participating in the conversations, people will appreciate your efforts in taking an interest of what applies to both of you.

There are also hashtags on IG that still resonate. For example, #tbt or #fun is an excellent way to start. Incorporate your #hashtag in the mix together with the classic ones and see your page grow.

3. Use Influencers

On Instagram, there are people with many real followers. If they give a shout out to your page or incorporate your hashtag, many Instagrammers will see their post. These tags make other people curious and there is a high probability of them following you. One way of seeking out influencers is following them, liking, or sharing their posts. You can talk to influencers on their direct message (DM) and sought out a deal to promote your page.

However, you want to look at influencers whose followers are relevant to your overall agenda. For example, you do not want an influencer with followers interested in say, #cats yet you are dealing with something like #construction.

4. Run Your Page like A Website

It is advisable to keep your IG updated frequently. On the platform, sometimes things change instantaneously. You have to keep up with the changing times if you want to hold on to your dear followers. Keep them engaged and entertained. Maintain your front page and update it to have links to what you want people to follow (your hashtags). As they say, it is hard to gain a customer and harder to keep one. This analogy could not be more accurate, especially for Instagram.

5. Be Creative, Funny, Witty and Cool On IG

Yes, those are a lot of syllables. You can add some more if you want to. However, never let your page become boring. If that happens, your followers will, unlike your page. Keep your followers engrossed on your page. If it is too overwhelming for you to maintain your page, you can use bots to engage them or hire someone else to do your bidding. Most Instagrammers are millennial and they do not have the time to follow mediocre pages. Develop a style that is awesome to you and your followers.

After working 5 years as a Software Analyst in reputed MNC, Rebecca decided to settle down and work from home. Having an expertise in business & being a life motivator, she loves to share similar stuff on our website by the means of her articles.