Things You Don’t Know About Instagress Alternatives

When the infamous Instagress shut down, many people did not know where to turn to. However, many alternatives are popping up all over the internet. They provide similar services to Instagress, like auto follow, auto like and comments. It is easy to see why such services would be in demand on Instagram, especially if you are thinking to grow your channel or managing one with lots of followers. The internet is rife stories of why Instagress shut down. On the official Instagress website, they claim Instagram requested them to close shop.

Nevertheless, Instagress made a couple of blunders. For example, Instagram (IG) clearly states that using parts of their name is a violation. The similarity of both applications titles is glaring. Moreover, IG updated their policies to prevent such similar bots operating.

Instagress Shuts Down

What Are Instagram Bots?

Instagress was an IG bot like many others still in service or terminated. These applications do the heavy lifting of liking, commenting and following thousands of posts. Most of the services are not free. Moreover, if you want to unlock better features for your bot, you will have to cough up more money. The question is if bots are worth it. However, bots are just robots. Yes, they may comment ‘beautiful’ on someone’s family photo or a fatal car accident. There is a long way to go before a robot can discern data as good as a human being.

Why Bots Are Failing

IG and similar networks are working very hard to prevent robots from communicating with genuine people. There are many reasons for this. For example, bots cannot synthesize information better than humans can. All the ‘ifs and or’ statements in the back end of applications can only go so far until they have nothing else to add.

Additionally, people can easily distinguish a bot to a human being. This dishonesty usually leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth. More often than not, most Instagress alternatives do not point out a bot is talking to you. Instagram has a way of detecting the use of a bot, and they have put countermeasures against them. For example, recent updates have limits on the number of likes one can do in an hour. This policy throttles the actions of bots, which can have an unlimited capacity of liking and such activities. Likewise, a bot will likely give wrong answers compared to a human being. However, there is a workaround to these issues.

Credible Alternatives to Instagress

There are many tactics to grow your IG page. The best one is doing it yourself or with the help of others. You will never have a case to answer if done in the right manner. By employing bots, Instagram does not take a liking to that. At the very least, you could be shadow banned, or worse, banned forever on IG. Sometimes you can use the help of bots here and there. However, you have to stay on your toes. Ensure your bots do notviolate Instagrams user policies. Your bots should be updated to follow the ever-changing IG rules and regulations. Look for bots that will help you achieve your goals. Look for a bot with features you need. Another excellent way of improving your Instagram is by being more creative in your posts. A blunt post will not reverberate and get the capacity to reach a large audience.Besides, IG gives you the option of promoting your post. You will be surprised to have achieved more with your budget, rather than using some Instagress alternatives. The recognized website Free Your Spine has a list of replacements if you feel need to get those on demands


Instagress alternatives can be good or bad for you. Some of the people that might follow your page might turn out to be of zero value. On occasion, you may strike gold. Bots do not engage people well. Sometimes, one might follow you and see some generic content and stay or leave. Most of the times followers leave in disgust. To make bots work right, you should not give all the works to them. Bots are merely a helping hand, and you should monitor them closely. Nevertheless, if you choose to use alternatives, ensure you do get value for your money. Many people, who have used similar Instagress services, are often disappointed because they do not deliver as promised.

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