How to Make a VPN Undetectable

Are you using a public WIFI? And do you have a VPN on your smartphone or PC? If not, then think again. With the current state of affairs across the world, it is only prudent that everyone has a VPN installed on both his phone as well as PC.

It is not just for your security that necessitates the use of VPN; you need it even for the good things you love. Think of the good movies on NETFLIX, HULU or any other provider, yet these providers restrict VPNs. Admittedly, there must be a way to stream those movies without restrictions. That is why we need to learn how to make VPNs undetectable.

Perhaps you are wondering how a VPN can be blocked. It’s easy. Firms such as NETFLIX and the rest block common IP addresses believed to be used by VPNs. And this makes it difficult for you to penetrate their space anonymously. There are many other ways IP addresses associated with VPNs can be blocked.

How to go anonymous undetectably

Use new VPN provider

It is clear the IP blocking is done by identifying commonly used VPNs IP addresses. Knowing this leaves us with one simple trick to bypass the block; use a new and unknown VPN provider.

All you need to do is be on the look to identify those providers that have just entered the market. The IP addresses used by these VPNs are less known to the blocking system. This implies that since the known addresses are the ones that can be blocked, you are safe from their trap.

Set up your server

Given that it is not easy to detect new VPNs by the blocking system, then it would be better to configure your server. There are some OS such as windows and MacOS that are easily configurable. However, one must know that making your VPN undetectable is not a sure thing.

Use peer-2-peer VPN service

This is another great way of bypassing the IP address blocker. The P2P is a gateway that assigned to clients’ machines such as PCs that function like VPNs. With a P2P, a user is free to allow another user access the VPN assigned to his device. This allows anonymous surfing as well as streaming. However, one must take caution when using this means as it has been proven not to be fool-proof.

Change VPN settings

It is also easy to bypass the block by setting your VPN beyond the standard settings. By ensuring that you switch the encryption standards every time you log into your VPNB, you confuse the blocking algorithm. The algorithm is set to detect OpenVPN in most cases, and thus you need to be smart enough never to allow your VPN be open.

Switch VPN ports

Companies also have a way of monitoring port numbers and block IP addresses. This is especially when it comes to the traffic type that is in-coming. To bypass this trick of many companies, you need to keep changing the VPN ports after every time you surf. Switching VPN ports is vital since most VPN traffic passes through given ports, making it easy to monitor and block them.

In conclusion, therefore, one must understand that he is not entirely anonymous when surfing the internet. You need to know how to make your VPN undetectable if you are to anonymously stay online and stream that movie you love the most.


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