How to Make Your Essay the Best Writing

Writing essays is a brilliant way of showing one’s knowledge encompassing a given topic. While for some people, essay writing can be a good exercise to practice, some face difficulties in putting their thoughts together. Writing an essay is not only about having specific opinions and perspective on a subject but also about being able to knit all your points in one essay of co-related paragraphs. In many examinations, essay writing is also a compulsory question. Hence, before getting into the basics of how to frame a better essay, let’s see why essay writing is so important.

An examiner can check several of things based on a single essay written. Write My Essay provides high-quality essay always but if you’re willing to write essay all by yourself then make sure you are considering all the below factors:

  1. Knowledge– For subjects related to humanities, essay tests show the overall knowledge of the essayist over a subject, right from fundamental to advanced. It shows his/her capability to consolidate all the lessons into an engaging piece of writing.
  2. Ability to understand the question- The topics given for writing an essay are generally vast subjects concentrated in one keyword or a phrase. Thus, the way of approach over a subject speaks a lot about the writer’s mindset.
  3. Comprehension- The way a person can answer the complex questions so that it is easier for the reader to understand, is also tested by an essay.
  4. Capability to condense information from various sources- Essays can also reflect the capability of an individual to condense the information from many sources into one and that too in less number of words.
  5. Balanced argument– To judge the way of thinking and his/her capability to pose balanced arguments and questions along with a various point of views, essays can be really helpful.
  6. Grip over the English language- Be it English or any other language in which the essay is being written, the command of the essayist over that language is clearly reflected from his/her style of writing.
  7. Time management skills- Writing an essay requires planning, prioritizing the work and delivering it on time. Hence an essay also judges the time management skills of a person.

Ten Easy Steps to writing the best essay:

  1. Understand the topic completely before beginning the essay: As it has been stated above, the topic of an essay generally consists of a keyword or phrase which can have various meaning or may cover a vast subject. So it is essential to understand the topic very well before jumping into the writing process. The research part is of utmost importance while writing an article. One should look for all the possible ways of analyzing the given subject and then choose the perspective matching his/her own. A person should know very well what he wishes to convey with the essay and then only start writing.
  2. Get the structure ready: The content can only be engaging enough if the structure of an article is perfect. As it must have been clear that one needs to cover various topics and point of views in one single essay. So jumping from one topic to another is the least preferred method of writing an essay. There must be a proper introduction and then one argument should be structured such that it leads to the other argument. Once all the discussion to be done has been covered, then there should be a conclusion which gives a concrete view of the whole essay.essay writing
  3. Don’t lose the essence of the question: In an attempt to find the perspective one is most comfortable with, the students tend to deviate from the original subject the question demands to deal with. This should never be the case. All the points made in an essay must have a touch of the question it is supposed to answer and the conclusion, as a gist of the whole essay, should also be an answer to the question posed.
  4. Present a balanced essay: An essay will be considered to be a good one only if it looks at the topic from various angles. Only one-sided perspective tends to make the essay boring or very monotonous. On the other hand, a piece which gently covers all the sides and presents a balanced argument can stand out from the rest.
  5. Don’t lose your opinion: Once the essayist has made an opinion or chosen his way of looking at the subject, he/she must be very careful to not contradict his/her own words. If anything like this happens, then the reader might feel that even the essayist was not sure or confident enough of his article and thus doubt the credibility.
  6. Use quotes, but in limit: Using quotes is like providing validation to your essay. It reflects that the essayist has done a very good research and knows all the sides of it. It also shows that various experts on the subject has also given somewhat similar opinions and thus adds to the weightage of the essay. However, one should be very careful to not over-use the quotes and end up writing only what others said and not what he/she thinks.
  7. Keep the language simple: A reader may not always like to strain his head for comprehending an essay. Hence it is advisable that the language is kept lucid and simple. The vocabulary and grammar matter, but so does the simplicity and easy to understand.
  8. Use citations and bibliography: It may not always be mentioned to write the citation and bibliography but adding it gives a professional edge to the essay. It makes the work look more organized and the credible references show that the essayist has invested time in doing the primary research.
  9. Proofread: A very well-written essay can also lose all its attraction if there are unintentional but silly grammatical, punctuation or spelling errors. Thus, it is very important to proofread the essay and check that no such mistake has been made. Also, the essay should be written in a font that is readable with a minimum font size of 12. The noteworthy parts can also be highlighted, if not with a different shade, then with just bold or italic text formatting.
  10. Meet the deadline: This goes without saying for any professional work. A work can be very good but if the deadline passes, there might not be any space for it to be submitted. Hence, deadlines should always be taken care of.

Following these simple tips and by keeping in mind the basic things a reader can be expecting from an essay, the quality of a writing piece can be enhanced greatly and make it look different and well-composed.

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