7 Best Hacks for Increasing Your Writing Speed Significantly

At some point, we all tend to believe that our writing capacity is bounded by limits. The very first perspective one should adopt to increase his or her writing speed is that there is no definite writing speed for one person. One could write double the amount of what they have been writing, within the same time span, just by following a few simple tips.

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Writing on Paper

1. Find out your best writing time

We are humans and we cannot be at the top of our game every minute of the day. We all have different peak timings when we can concentrate the most. Some people write best in the early hours of sunrise, while some are at their creative best during the night. You might already have a fair idea about which point of the day you can write easily. If not, it is about experimenting, when you are the most productive. Find out your best writing time, when all of it comes naturally to you. This is the foremost way to increase your writing speed without any added effort.

2. Choose your writing space wisely

Assign yourself a space, which you will use only for your writing. If you write in your study, let people know that you would prefer not to be disturbed when you are in there. The space should be as neat and tidy as possible and free from all forms of clutter. A tidier space helps you to keep distractions away. When talking about distractions, make sure that your writing space does not have any kind of electronic gadget. Mobile phones, laptops, and speakers should be kept away from your writing space, unless absolutely necessary. This keeps you free from the risk of interruption and minimizes distraction.

3. Set an outline for the article

A highly effective tip to increase your writing speed is to plan an outline of the article you have to write instead of just typing out whatever comes to mind. With a planned outline, you will know for a fact, how much of what you need to write has been covered and what are the points you are still left with. As you keep writing, the content comes to you and your article takes a very well organized shape, which further helps in editing it later. Having an outline planned is nothing fancy, but it helps a great deal when increasing your writing speed.

4. Have your own deadline

When you sit to write, set a deadline for the completion of one article. When you have allotted a certain amount of time for a certain number of words, you are more likely to speed up your writing, in order to finish it within the specified time. Initially, start writing for shorter intervals, say 20 to 25 minutes and take a break for 5 minutes after each writing time. Gradually, increase the intervals. This will help you to stay focused and prevent the writing process from becoming too monotonous. Setting your own deadlines will help you to increase your writing speed dramatically.

5. Do not edit while you are writing

The importance of following this tip cannot be overstated. Most of us are in the habit of editing while we are in the middle of writing an article. Maybe, you feel like using a synonym of a particular word, in order to make it sound better or bolden the title so the sentence looks eye-catching. But you have to understand that this slows down your writing by a substantial amount. When you are writing, you are giving a form to your thoughts, and sharing your ideas in a coherent manner.

If you stop and criticise your ideas after penning down every five words, it will break your flow. The ideas will stop coming to you or the coherence of the piece will be disturbed. Do not stop to edit, halfway through a paragraph while you write. Finish writing the article and then start editing.

6. Routine

Many of us are in the habit of following a particular regime when it comes to writing. Some write while sipping a cup of green tea, some write while listening to soothing music, while some prefer complete seclusion and silence. Some like sitting out in the open in order to let the thoughts flow. You have to find out what sets your mind right and gets you in motion to write. There is, however, no right way for this. Every individual has a unique routine that puts him or her in the state to write. In order to speed up the writing process, one must find out and follow the routine.

7. Practice makes you perfect

The best tip to follow in order to increase your writing speed is the age-old advice – to keep practicing. You must be in the habit of writing regularly. This will not only add to your vocabulary but also save you time when it comes to editing the article. Writing regularly will inculcate the flow in you. Once you have been writing for a considerable stretch of time, you will find no difficulty in finishing articles in a go. This will help you hone your writing skills and the more frequently you write, the better you get at finishing it in a shorter time.

The idea is to be more passionate about whatever you are writing. This is not limited to writing only, as you must have surely observed how we perform better at tasks we are passionate about. Choose topics that you will love to write about, when given a choice.

Increasing your writing speed is no rocket science, nor is there a particular formula that you can follow. All the resources you need to write faster, better and high-quality articles are within you. More often than not, we get in our own way of self-betterment. The task is to realize that and work your way towards perfection.

Another tip that you can follow to write faster is telling your inner critic to stop being functional all the time. Your writing quality and speed will get better with considerable investment in both time and practice.

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