Internet Tools to Deal with a Number of College Papers in Time

It is quite common for college students to wonder how to meet a deadline given the nature of the assignments and projects they have to get done. As technology advances, different techniques, applications, and tools are being invented to help students as well as other researchers in beating deadlines and planning their work.

In recent years, many platforms and applications have and continue to be developed to aid students through studying techniques as well as tips on how to accomplish tasks. For instance, is one of those sites which provide tips for students regarding how to complete different types of college papers correctly. There are numerous other internet tools created for various purposes such as scheduling of classes as well as assignments, tracking and prioritizing the different tasks, keeping track of grades or projects, reminders about incomplete assignments and when papers are supposed to be submitted. Some other tools are also able to assist in editing, checking for plagiarism, search engines for different types of documents like articles or books, provide guidelines or templates on the structuring of papers among many other tasks.

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Accordingly, the article focuses on some tools made accessible through the internet, that students can use to get help in writing, editing as well as organizing their assignments and submitting them on time.

There are countless internet tools that college students find invaluable when it comes to getting their assignments done on time and accurately. Some of these tools include the following;

Google calendar

Google calendar is a flexible tool that students can use to assist them in keeping track of tasks as well maintaining a type of to-do list. This tool is convenient because it has the ability to be flexible, therefore, is suitable for any kind of schedule. As a student, you can create and also delete various plans or tasks that had been set in cases when there are changes. Google calendar also highlights coursework, deadlines and outlines significant coursework projects. This tool allows a student to add attachments to relevant documents as well as links to sites that are essential to complete their paper hence keeping one on track.

A new calendar can easily be created for the following year or semester. Some features of the tool such as quick add are also beneficial as they make it easy to add activities or events that may come up or may have been left out. Other helpful features in google calendar include notifications, color coding, sharing calendars with classmates or members of study groups and syncing the calendar with one’s email or phone number.


This internet tool assists students to be able to manage all their units or subjects and all activities that come with these studies like study sessions, library time, timetable for the coursework and lectures. Once you set up your account, you can add all the units and tasks. Todoist is also quite convenient when doing group projects. The group leaders directly assign parts of the paper to each member through their email addresses and the group work feature that is found in this application. It also enables the group to have very organized presentations. For large projects, this application breaks it down into smaller more manageable tasks for the student.

Trello is a task management application that is visual based. It is a flexible tool that can be used for anything the student requires from software development, proposal development, managing assignments workflow and creating joint classroom platforms. Trello makes it easy to plan for project papers as it tells you what is being worked on, who is working on it and where it has reached or its progress. This application lets you use boards in carrying out a project with a group of people. Both students and teachers can use it. For instance, it can be used as a visual or digital form of a syllabus that can assist in structuring courses on the part of the lecturer as well as helping students keep track of their assignments and their deadlines. Trello has features like using cards, lists and boards that make it easy for task management. Its sleek design lets you as the student organize your tasks through status, creating checklists, allocating duties, receiving feedback from group members, and receiving notifications in case anything changes.


Evernote is an application that is considered quite valuable because it enables you to compile relevant information from different sources and share it with others. You can also merge your notes with online audio clips, article clips, scanned documents, and photos. Evernote also has a live chat feature that enables students to have group discussions whether in a group or on a one on one basis while reading or referring to the same document which is very convenient as it prevents having to switch between tabs to have the discussion. Using this application, students can save important information or articles to use later when offline.

 Online Reminders

There are many online reminder applications that students currently use to be able to plan their schedules. In a lot of task management applications, online reminders are usually an added feature. This means that it is vital in ensuring that students remember essential tasks or classes as per their timetables, and be aware of deadlines for their papers or projects. Online reminders also make you more organized since you have to note down all the critical tasks or events that you wish to accomplish.

Making these notes and saving them in the online reminder tools means you are creating a to-do list which makes work easier and enables you to finish your papers and submit them on time while prioritizing which tasks should be done first depending on your list. You can also set these reminders to come as notifications in the form of calls, emails or text messages to ensure you do not miss them.


As a student, I would wish for more and more applications when I am looking for additional tools to help me write my paper for me. With such applications, it would require very little work to write my college paper. This wish is gradually turning into a reality as more and more internet tools that can help students with their papers continue to be developed. The above internet tools and many others are quite convenient and make coursework more bearable, giving the students more time to balance between the units they are taking. For some, it provides an opportunity to study thoroughly as work part-time to finance their studies.

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