It’s Time to Try TikTok’s New Stitch Feature

One of the things that definitely make TikTok stand out among other social media platforms is the level of creativity involved in making the videos on the app. TikTok provided its users with a wide range of editing and compositing tools, which enabled everyone to make their content that much more interesting and extraordinary. Duets turned out one of the most popular formats enabled by the app: you take someone else’s video and film your part simultaneously with it, which allows you to make a comment, a joke, or show your reaction. 

Being the progressive app it is, TikTok didn’t make the audience wait long for new editing formats. This is where Stitch enters the scene. Like most other features on the app, Stitch is designed to encourage collaboration and creativity. It’s a new way for people on TikTok to interact: do dance routines together, make up new jokes, comment, hold discussions, share advice on where to get free real likes for tiktok, and much more. 



What about privacy?

It might seem to be a little too much to have anyone be able to stitch to one of your videos. If this is something you are concerned with, Tiktok has got you covered. Open up the Settings and Privacy tab to set everything up the way you find it comfortable. You can pick to either allow or not other users to stitch to your videos. One of the most convenient tricks is the fact that you can also turn this setting on and off for each video individually. This way you can specifically pick what videos can and cannot be used by others without compromising your privacy or chances of recognition. 

Something people also often worry about is credit for the content. The app developers have taken care of this question as well. Every video with a stitch contains a link to the original video and the author’s username in the caption. If someone is interested in your part of the video, it will take them no longer than a second to visit your profile. This is why Stitch is such a great tool for growing your audience. Use it wisely and you will get your 1000 free tiktok likes in no time. 

There’s really nothing more to learn about this cool tool, so this means it’s time to try it out. Be creative, make friends, and, above all, have fun!

So, what does Stitch do exactly? 

What exactly does this feature bring to the table? In a nutshell, it allows you to collaborate on a video with someone inside the app directly. TikTok has described it as a way to enable users to integrate scenes from other videos into their own. It is similar to the well-known Duet feature but is not quite the same. While Duet allows you to sync your video with someone else’s, Stitch lets you crop another video at any moment you want and add your bit afterward. This way you can reinterpret the content you consume right on the platform. 

Hopefully, you are already interested in trying it out. After all, this is another great way to get free likes on tiktok. Let’s not wait any longer and get into how the feature can be used in your next video.

First things first, open TikTok and find a video you would like to Stitch with. To do the trick, click the share icon, which will open up a menu with countless options to send the video to someone. There you will see the brand new “Stitch” button. Tapping on it will take you to the editing tab, where you will pick up to 5 seconds of the video you chose to work with. You can trim the video on the timeline however you like. 

Once you are done cropping the video you found, it is time to film your bit. Make sure you don’t break any of the app’s numerous terms and conditions when making this kind of video. It is one thing to put out a video of only yourself, but if you’re collaborating with someone using the app’s tools you should be conscious of what outcome this video may have for not only you but the other TikTok user as well. The beauty of this feature is also in the fact that it can be used countless times on the same video. This is already creating numerous TikTok inside jokes, creative works, like songs and dance routines, and much more. 

Don’t waste any time and go work on your creative career. If you’re interested in growing your TikTok audience, you can also use this as a way to attract more attention to your profile by stitching with someone who has similar content or a bigger audience than you. The key is to make a genuine creative or funny video, just putting your username next to another influencer will not do any good for your career. Visit GoviralPro for more tips and tools on how to boost your TikTok. 

Pursuing MCA from the University of Delhi, Saurabh Saha is an experienced blogger and internet marketer. Through his popular technology blogs: TechGYD.COM &, he is helping several brands to gain exposure in front of high-quality web visitors.