How to Keep Your Bitcoins Safe?

If you invest in cryptocurrency, you may know that there are several threats to that. An increase in the price of cryptocurrencies has attracted both investors and cybercriminals. Several hackers are coming up with creative ways to steal people’s funds. You should choose the best trading apps however, the next sensitive step is choosing your bitcoins wallet.

The main threat to cryptocurrencies is through the wallets where you keep all your cryptocurrency, and you need to ensure that the one you have chosen is safe.

Cybercriminal uses different techniques to steal your funds to help you secure your wallet in ways that you cannot. If you want to know about the different ways to keep cryptocurrency or Bitcoin safe, you should look over here!

Bitcoins Be Stolen

Use a secure Internet Connection

One of the essential things that a trader should keep in mind while trading is that they should always choose a secure internet connection. Avoid using the public network to get security access. You can even access your home network and even use the VPN service. When you use the VPN then, that will help you browse safely.

Using the private network will keep your crypto safe and keep you away from threats. But when you choose any public network, that may leave you at risk. It is because hackers can get access to your information.

Keep changing the password

It does not matter how strong your password is; you cannot just depend on one. That is why you need to keep changing the password. But the one you are choosing should be difficult to crack. You should not use the same password on social media or other places. The password you use to keep your cryptocurrency safe must be unique and tricky.

While changing the password, you should ensure that the password is strong and complex and will be difficult for the person to guess. If you have multiple wallets, then use a different password for both.

2 Factor Authentications

2-Factor Authentication is the additional security you can offer to your online account or wallet. If you want to keep your currency safe and secure, it can be the best way. When you get the 2 Factor authentication, you will require the additional login credential beyond your username and password.

When you need to access the account, you need to get that second credential; you will require access to something that will belong to you. It will ensure the security of your wallet.

Use cold wallet

Cold wallets are not connected to the internet, which keeps them more secure. As a result, it will be less prone to cyberattacks. You need to store your private keys in the cold wallet, also termed the hardware wallet. It is a better option as it keeps your keys more secure than you think.

In a hardware wallet, you need to use a computer, and that is why you should ensure you are using a personal computer or laptop. In addition, you should avoid using any system from outside.

Keep your Crypto in multiple wallets

The user can get as many crypto wallets as they want. That is why it is advisable to put cryptocurrencies in multiple wallets. Then, if any of your wallets get hacked, you will not lose everything you have. You will have other wallets, too, which you can use, and there, you can keep the currency secure.

It will help the trader protect their portfolio and reduce the loss of any crypto account. So, it can be the best choice which you can make.


If you use the concept of multi-signature, then that can be the best thing. It has been gaining popularity because it will involve more than one person if you want to make any transaction. It will limit the threat of a single controller.

You can decide the people who can transact in the starting only, and if any one of them needs to spend the Bitcoin, they will need approval from other people.

Keep your software updated

It is crucial for the person always to keep their software updated. If you have a wallet that is not updated, that will be an easy target for hackers. That is why you need to look for the latest version of the wallet.

You get the latest security fixes and protocols when you update the software. Therefore, it will reduce the risk and enhance the wallet’s security. Like the mobile phone, you need to update the software to keep your Bitcoin safe.


The threat to crypto has been increasing day by day, and that is why you need to keep them safe. So when you consider these points, that will help you keep everything safe and secure!

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