How Mobile Gaming has Changed in the Past 10 Years

Since Pong, the original arcade game, was released in 1972, video games have traversed a long path – they have given birth to mobile gaming, and with the release of the Tetris Mobile in 1994, the world of mobile gaming has continued to expand, blossom and prosper!

As smartphones have become more affordable and readily available, the mobile gaming industry has overtaken the PC and console gaming industry by leaps and bounds. $36.9 billion is the turnout of the mobile gaming industry, whereas PC and console gaming industry, taken together, contribute to a $29 billion. 

With new mobile games being added to PlayStore, every other day, one must assume that nobody turns back and revisits old games anymore. But to make such an assumption would be one error of judgement, and calculation! Don’t believe us? Not only are new games added to the gaming industry every day and while some are lost terribly in the murk and never make it to the top, but also old games have remained relevant through the past times and also stood the test of time. 

Mobile Gaming

Yes! There are older games that people play today, because, as goes the saying, old is after all gold. Tastes keep changing over time, and trends come and go. 

The top 10 games that have remained relevant, and stood true are: 

  1. Angry Birds, developed by Rovio Entertainment, first released in 2009
  2. Tetris, developed by Alexey Pajitnov, and first released in 1984
  3. Candy Crush Saga, developed by King in April 2012
  4. Bejweled developed by PopCap Games and first released in 2001
  5. Plant vs Zombies, developed by PopCap Games and first released in 2009
  6. Flappy Bird developed by Dong Nguyen, and first released in 2013
  7. Words with Friends developed by Zynga, and first released in 2009
  8. Temple Run, developed by Imangi Studios, and first released In 2013
  9. Cut the Rope, developed by ZeptoLab, and first released in 2010
  10. Fruit Ninja, developed by HalfBrick Studios and first released in 2010

While the oldest vintage mobile game that survives and has stood the test of time, and turned the name and fame of being a classic is undeniably Tetris, developed by the Russian Pajitnov and released way back in 1984, all these figures are not being provided by us! They are being provided by betway expert analysts with years of study, and they have compared a number of 25 old school apps. 

All these studies have predicted that Tetris has the 3,100,000 global searches which is the highest global search any game experiences, closely followed by Candy Crush Saga, with 1,400,000 searches. Angry Birds take the third rank with 773,000 global searches. Tetris is a tile matching mobile game and has been known as insanely addictive. It is not only a game that you enjoy, but also learn valuable life lessons from. 

As more and more next-generation applications come into the forefront, some other classic games are also being regenerated, and while newer games are being introduced and developed on a regular basis. If you’re a true gamer at heart, you know how much pleasure lies in finding new better games. But what over-surpasses that pleasure is the joy of finding old games you can go back to. 

All things don’t age well – but if you really enjoy gaming, you won’t mind playing the games with out of date graphics. These are exciting times to be a gamer, with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality knocking on your doors and bringing newer possibilities. So, reap the benefits of both! 


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