5 Must-Have Productivity Tools for Your Business

Technology plays a crucial role in this generation, in many ways. However, in this article, we will only discuss the contribution of modern technology in serving the business operations. Basically, the small firms rely on external expertise (authorities in certain sections of the contemporary technological domain), user engagement, sufficient IT investment followed by CEO involvement in the successful application of specific tools and apps. In order to run a business successfully and smoothly, the owner/s must utilize certain productivity tools.

Today, the level of advancement of modern productivity tools has gone beyond just being a “workable/helpful” business tool. Rather, now it has become the primary necessity of every business venture; be it for a startup’s or an age-old company’s success. So, we have enlisted such 5 must-have productivity tools for your business. The good thing about all these tools is that they are both time and effort-saving while improving your business’ efficiency at the same time.


Top 5 Business Productivity Tools


GMass is a recent extension of email marketing that is compatible with every Gmail account. You get a lot of features and privileges, out of which, the mass emails concept has caught much user attention. Simply utilize Gmail’s search feature to seek the emails containing the recipients’ id to whom you are looking to email. Now hit the “Build Email List“. Doing so will load a “Compose” window containing all the recipient ids that were present in those previous messages (emails). GMass is the sole mass emails service known to be doing this! You can even switch to GMass Test Mode while you are preparing to send mass emails. This lets you make sure if your chosen design, font, and overall customization are perfect, before finally sending the message.



DropBox is the best way and app for sending numerous or high-resolution files, rather than sharing in mass emails. DropBox includes Microsoft integration for Office 365 and Hotmail user convenience and is a feasible option. That means you can easily co-edit the files with others online through Office Online. Sometimes Gmail users go for Google Drive for better compatibility reasons. Not just that,  you can send/share large resolution cum multiple files via Dropbox, which is otherwise a difficult thing to do through email. Also, if you attempt to send bulk emails, it might take a long time and at times are quite frustrating. So, DropBox is the most suited platform here for file sharing while maintaining speed and super-convenience. Another good thing is, you will not have to pay unless you upgrade the app. 


Instead of spending hours on Facebook to bring your business to the visibility of your Facebook followers, set up an account on Hootsuite. Its basic plan is absolutely free. You get to post on several well-known social media platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn,  and Facebook. The tool recently took up Instagram as well for business promotions. You can share all your business media from an integrated dashboard of Hootsuite while monitoring and scheduling posts to be uploaded on other social media accounts, all at a time. Hootsuite acts like an analyst that suggests when it is the perfect time for you to post any promotional content or others. The most attractive part of Hootsuite is that you can add many users to the same account. So, others can take care of your social media scheduling while you are offline.



Zoom is currently one of the most-sought apps, typically in the Covid-19 pandemic. From institutions to bureaus, people have taken this app for remote conferencing facilities via cloud computing. This powerful resource of online video/audio communication allows accommodation of up to 500 members for seamless collaboration. This platform allows high-definition video cum audio feature, glitch-free screen sharing followed by a full suite of other collaborative facilities. All you have to do is simply start and join.

video conference


Toggl lets you track how much you spend on each task (including graphic designing, freelance task, consultancy) and review whether the time spent by you was worth it over not. The greatest perk of Toggl is its row of services that come for free. Toggl is the ultimate time-saving app and is easy to operate. This software can add about 10 other tools to increase mobile functionalities. Quick overview of team progress, offline time tracking, and direct delivery of the reports to managers are some of the notable features available in Toggle.

Toggl Time Tracking

Wrapping Up

Productivity tools let you arrange your work as well as daily-life schedule, ensuring maximum efficiency. Whatever your occupation is,  organization and automation of certain digital tools are important for your work and wellbeing. You should neither get too much burnt out into your work while investing the least time on family, friends, and other dear ones. There should be a proper track of your work, plus, a smart investment, where you give minimal effort to get maximal output. 

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