One Of The Most Popular SSL In China

SSL is one of the most important things to make sure your website is safe and secure to use. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It is actually a technology that helps you to make the connection secure. The connection might be between two servers or between users and sites.

It is pretty important to safeguard your website with SSL especially if you own an e-commerce website. SSL encrypts data sent by users or between two servers so that no hacker or criminal can read the transferred data hence safeguarding any confidential information like credit/debit card information, passwords, bank details, addresses, name, and other things. It also makes people trust your website more as they know their information is encrypted with SSL technology on your website.

To get your website SSL certified you need to have an SSL certification provider. There are so many SSL certificate provides available. And if we talk about the features of SSL provders then they all provide similar things. But what matters is the popularity of the SSL certificate provider as it builds up the trust of the customer.

GoGetSSL is one of the best and most popular SSL in China. GoGetSSL has been serving since 2009 and has become a popular and trusted SSL provider. It s a wonderful place where you can get cheap SSL certificates from the leading certificate authorities. GoGetSSL is loaded with so many SSL certificates, so let’s get to know what SSL certificates are sold via this online store and some other features which make it a top SSL certificate provider in China.

SSL certificates Provided By GoGetSSL

Domain SSL

If you want to get an SSL certificate for your domain then this Domain SSL certificate by GoGetSSL will do good for you. This SSL certificate is for a single domain or sub-domain. You can quickly get this SSL and reissue is unlimited times without any hassle. One more thing, this SSL certificate’s prices provide the protection for both with www or without www. Ths SSL certificate starts from $3.88/year.

Multi-domain SSL (SAN/UCC)

Now if you have multiple websites then getting an SSL certificate for each website seperately would cost you a lot but with GoGetSSL you get the package of multi-domain SSL. It makes handling conveniently and also reduces the cost. Along with saving money this SSL certificate package also helps you save time on management. You get to protect sensitive information of up to 250 different domains or sub-domain. With this, you also get an SEO booster for search engines and it also lets you add, edit and modify domains anytime. This package starts from $15.83 per year.

Unlimited Free SSL

Another wonderful thing about GoGetSSL is that you get unlimited free SSL. Yes, GoGetSSL offers you a 90-day free SSL with an unlimited number of renewals. You can use the SSL as long as you want. With this, you can test the certs easily without paying anything.

Wildcard SSL

With Wildcard SSL provided by GoGetSSL, you can secure an unlimited amount of sub-domains and also a common name. With this package, you can protect anything on your domain and also get 10k warranty and professional support from the GoGetSSL professional support team. It starts from $44.63 per year.

BusinessTrust SAN

GoGetSSL offers you a multi-domain certificate with the organization verification process with the BusinessTrust SAN package. It starts from $70.63 per year and lets you protect your corporate mail server.

BusinessTrust Wildcard

BusinessTrust Wildcard is one of the most popular wildcard SSL certifications which also includes verification of your company name and address. The verification is done within 3-5 working days. With this SSL Certificate provided by GoGetSSL, you get 250,000$ warranty level and 30-day money-back guarantee for any reason.

BusinessTrust EV

Now comes to BusinessTrust EV. This is a great SSL certificate that helps you to gain trust from your customers as much as you want. Your customers would your their credit card, bank details, etc. on your website for making payment etc without any hesitation as the green bar strongly indicate the safe place for using such information.

BusinessTrust EV SAN

BusinessTrust EV SAN is just like BusinessTrust EV but instead of a single company or domain, it offers you to protects up to 250 different domains one cert, with one key, and a green address bar which makes it very easy to manage all the different domain with fewer efforts.

Code Signing SSL

With Code Signing SSL provided by GoGetSSL, you can make sure that the code of any software on the internet is original and provided by the software publisher and doesn’t include any kind of fishing or malicious code added by a criminal. the package starts from $62.28/year.

Code Signing EV SSL

Code Signing EV SSL helps to verify the publisher of all the software you are installing your system and costs you $261.48 per year.

Should You Consider Buying GoGetSSL

So, this was about all the SSL certificates provide by GoGetSSL with the pricing. All the above packages of SSL certificates are just amazing and serve different needs of the people. Now the question is should you buy GoGetSSL? Of course yes, it offers you a lot of SSL certificates at decent prices.

There are some other factors too which make GoGetSSL a worthy SSL certificate provider. Fast issuance is one of them. You get your domain validation SSL certificate within just 5 minutes and it doesn’t require any paperwork, company or any callback. It also ensures you 30-days money-back guarantee, 90-days free SSL, the price match option. So, GoGetSSL is surely worth a try.