How Online Betting Has Changed In The Past Decade

Online betting has changed how the casual betting works. The online betting has made the gambling and the sport betting quite convenient and easier. Now you can bet online without going to the betting clubs. You just sit on a couch at home, get your laptop, mobile or computer and start betting on several sports and events without any difficulties.


Today, you can find hundreds of websites for online betting offering several rewards and bonuses for free. But the online betting was not same as it is now. It has changed a lot in the past decade. High tech devices, fast speed internet, portable devices, the introduction of smartphones are some of the contributing factors. So, let’s get to know about the major changes online betting industry has gone through.

Number of Betting Sites

When the online betting first started then were only a few websites available. But now there are hundreds of sites available for online betting. As a result of increased number of online betting sites, the competition has become tougher which is good for the players because now they have more options to choose from. For the past years, the number of online betting sites has increased exponentially. For attracting more-n-more customers, all the online betting sites work harder to provide better user experience and lucrative offers. As a result, there has been a great improvement in the quality of the online betting which was not possible if there were only a few sites.

Now you can see every other betting portal offering bonus and rewards to attract new customers and retain the old ones. Most of them provide sign up bonus to every new customer. You can know about the best betting sites at

Mobile Betting

Mobiles have become important parts of our lives and we take them everywhere with us. So, the online betting sites became available to the mobiles for a quick and easy access to the online betting sites. This is not a huge change in the online betting, but mobile betting has made it even convenient as we carry the mobile phones with us 24/7. This helps in seeing the bets, betting and viewing the wagers anytime and anywhere, you don’t need to take ur laptop everywhere for the betting.

Laws And Regulations

The laws and regulations of the online betting have changed a lot. Earlier, there were no strict rules for getting the license for online betting sites. And this resulted in many scam sites whose only purpose was to steal money from the innocent customers. But now the laws to regulate online betting has become tighter which is why the number of the rogue and scam betting sites has reduced. You can check which site has the license and which site you can trust for placing the bet. However, there are a few countries who still lack the necessary regulations and legislation regarding online betting laws but we hope to see changes in future years.


Improved User Experience

The evolution of the online betting has improved the overall user experience. Though there is almost no change in the working of online betting sites, you need to spend your money and you get the winning prize if you win the bet. But the way online betting sites represent their content has improved to a high extent.

Now, they provide a user-friendly web interface, customized mobile-friendly websites, you can easily get what you need. It has become easier to understand the websites, more options for depositing and withdrawing, better customer service, faster deposits and withdrawal and an attractive layout & design of the websites. I would say this part has seen most changes in the past 10 years. The sites, how they used to look 10 years back is not how they look now.

Several Promotions And Features

As I already mentioned above that the competition of online betting sites has become tougher, these websites are deploying several tactics to attract new customers. They keep rolling out lucrative offers, rewards, and bonuses to gain more customers. Everyone is trying to stand out of the crowd and for the same, they offer several promotions and features like cash out feature, enhanced multiples, cashback on losses, live streaming of events, money back specials, enhanced odds, live betting, cashout feature, accumulator insurance, etc. You won’t be getting these rewards and features if there was less competition among the online betting sites.


Wide Coverage Of Events

No doubt that today we can bet on any event and on any sport of our choice which was not possible in earlier times as you could only bet on few sports and events. But the evolution of the online betting has made it possible to bet on any game or event online without any hassle. Though the professional bettors have a narrow focus and bet only on few sports and events. But the casual betters can select anything to bet on.

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