Top 10 Tips To Become A Successful Online Gamer

Gaming is not a pass time. It is a way of life. Days go by as people train and patiently study games to achieve the boasting rights as one of the top gamers in their country nationally and also further to become one of the world’s best. It is not an easy journey but some take the step ahead to show their devotion and love for games, turning it into a profitable hobby.

The attempt itself to compete as a seeded professional in the gaming world is commendable as the fraternity has millions of avid gamers to claim their place in the sport. If you wish to compete with the top grass, here is your chance to learn a bit or two and take your first steps from a hobby to becoming a reputed champion. You could use these useful top 10 tips to become a successful online gamer.

1. Choose the right game

You should always choose the game that picks your interest the best. A good game would have you practicing the sport online and competing against the best players in order to enhance your gameplay. You should choose a game that you could become exceptionally good at. If you are playing games that involve money like online gambling then you need to be extra careful. Read the reviews of best online gambling sites at

2. Focus on building a strong online presence

In order to establish your mark as a successful online gamer, you should make sure in selecting the appropriate game. Once that is done, you should keep practicing and playing in order to create a strong reputation for yourself, as a skilled player, as well as a team player. With the device like the XBox Live, you can experience real-time playing that would inculcate the necessary skills and tactics in you to help you become stronger at your game.


3. Always know your controls

No matter which device you use, you should always make sure you have adequate knowledge about your controls. The appropriate keys should be used at the right time, while you have an entertaining match against the computer or your friends. Read through the game manual to have a better idea about the same. Make sure you have the right equipment – keys, joystick or a control pad, whichever is more convenient for using by you and master how to use it in order to have a successful gaming experience.

4. Staying motivated is the key

It is completely okay to take time to learn a game. You should always make sure not to lose focus and stay motivated in order to get skilled at your game. In addition to playing for passion, the taste of success and money are also some motivational factors that enhance the gameplay of a user. It is also necessary for you to have fun at your game and not always play it for the factor of winning.

5. Practice makes a man perfect

You should make it a habit to practice your game often. Practice hard enough to learn the best tactics. Study the game sufficiently and have the knowledge of the tips and tricks essential for your gameplay. It would further make the game interesting and help you be better at it. Watching gameplay videos on YouTube or simply learning from your friends is also a good way to improve.

You could use a notebook that would essentially help you take pointers when you meet up with friends. You can also use it while on travel to ensure that you never lose out quality time for practicing. Winning is not always the result of practicing and you should be aware that losing, in itself, is also a way of practice, that would ultimately help you improve your online gameplay.

practice online gaming

6. Gear up to get the best equipment for a successful gameplay

A desktop that is highly customizable would be the ideal equipment to help you go ahead with your game. Your games keep on evolving and it would be really beneficial if you have the up to date hardware to keep you on the move. An XBox or Sony Playstation would definitely help you with the same.

7. Be a part of the community

An online game requires you to join its community in order to stay up to date with the latest news and information regarding your gameplay. Apart from individual talent, an online community makes you aware of where you lack and the interaction with other pro gamers keeps you in check. It helps you build a strong base for yourself, whilst learning and competing against other players online to have a fun and interactive user experience. You should always check out the rules before joining an online community that is related to your game of interest.

8. Make a strong team

Once you successfully manage in creating a strong online presence and become good at your game, you should focus on finding other strong players that would be essential for you in making a team. A team would probably find you if you are really good at what you do. Serious competition is limitless on the internet, as you interact with your team members or contribute in fostering your own team.

gaming team

9. Aim for the Tournament

Online tournaments always do the round and pose as a great platform to show your skills at your game. Tournaments can be entered once you have strong players in singles or as a team. Take part in many local and online tournaments as possible in order to test your skills.

However, make sure that no matter how many tournaments you compete in, your reputation would majorly be fixated on you winning at the pro circuit level that would ensure your name in the market. It would come forward with providing you the respect that you have worked hard for, and would also bring about money in the form of success.

10. Try and get a Sponsor

If you wish to make a career out of online gaming, try to get a sponsor in order to fund you for the same. Online gaming can become a solid career choice for many, with the right equipment and source of money.

Disha Verma is a Mass Media student from International School of Business & Media (ISBM). She lives in Maharastra, India and loves to write articles about Internet & Social Media. When she is not writing, you can find her hanging out with friends in the coffee shop downstreet or reading novels in the society park.