Does Online Learning Provide Individual Attention rather than a Collective one?

The educational system has never been the same since online learning has been introduced. It engages the students in a deeper level, make them more knowledgeable and enhance their intellect. Online learning is believed to meet everyone’s needs as it is cost-friendly and easily available. All you need to access online learning is a good internet connection, which is affordable for every common man nowadays.

The main benefit of online learning is that the location of a student never matter and there is flexibility in the timing, which means that students can learn in their own convenience. But, does it have the same effect on the students as a traditional way of learning? are the students getting enough attention that is required for them to grow and develop knowledge? Well, let us look at these in detail so that you get to know more about online learning.


Before we understand the effect online learning has on the students, let us first know what exactly is online learning? It is nothing but the education that takes place over the internet. People think that online learning can never meet students’ needs as it is kind of distant learning and there is no student-teacher interaction face to face. While it is true that there is no physical interaction, one cannot deny the fact that there are more benefits in online learning than the traditional one. The live tutorings, videos and study materials are all prepared for students’ academic progress. This is considered to pay collective attention as it is a standard one for every student who accesses it. However, many ed-tech companies have a separate platform for those students who want to clear their doubts or have a discussion with the tutors or the lectures. For instance, if we consider Vedantu, a leading company in this stream, they have live tutoring where students can take part and have interaction not only with the lectures but also with the other students. Students can access Vedantu NCERT solutions available in PDF format, where they provide detailed answer and explanation for the exercises of Vedantu NCERT books of every grade. In case if the students still have any doubt and in need of assistance, they can post their doubts over the app and get it resolved. This is more convenient than the traditional way. Gone are the days where students have to wait for the availability of the teacher to get their doubts resolved. Now, the students can post their doubts regardless of the time and can expect it to be resolved in one or two days depending on the platform they choose. This indeed is an individual interaction that student-teacher has, via the internet.

If one chooses for one on one training, which is available in online learning for various courses, students get assessed by the personal teacher as well. It is not necessary that students and the teacher both must be free to engage themselves in a lecture. A student can access it anytime, anywhere. However, when he or she needs to have interaction, face to face, they can skype or video call or use any tool provided in that particular platform or course to have a personal interaction.

Online learning is indeed more beneficial than any other form of education. The above-discussed facts help you to understand the benefits it offers and how it offers individual attention. Finally, we would like to say that you make optimum use of technology and online learning to grow your knowledge and wisdom, improve your academic score and make the best choices in your career.

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