Online Shopping Sites That You Should Know

There are websites you shop on and never want to get back there. Then, there are platforms that treat you so good that you wonder why you never learned about them sooner. Below is an overview of some of the best-rated e-commerce websites that you’ll probably learn to love.

Forever 21-Clothes and Fashion

When it comes to fashion and looking trendy, everyone wants to feel 21. That’s why this website prioritizes fashionable items over anything else. Forever21 is a modern website built around technology and fashion. Its web design is incredible and its categories ensure you find almost anything with ease.

Forever 21

Although the website is headquartered in the US, it supports six different languages. You are asked your favorite language before you start to shop and it is set as the default for you. In case of any assistance, you don’t need to struggle using a foreign language.

Forever21 is famous for being the hallmark of all fashionable clothes and accessories. If you love staying trendy and fashionable, this should be your go-to website.


Amazon is the crème de la crème of online shopping. Valued at over $1 trillion dollars, the giant retail store makes more profit than all of its competitors. Surprisingly, Amazon started from the bottom as a bookstore website.

Today, you can get almost anything on the website. From electronics to clothes, books to equipment, Amazon is the equivalent of an online hyper mall. If you sign up to the company’s prime services, you get faster shipping. You are introduced to the website’s TV side, showing films, TV shows, and American football.

So big is the shopping website that it’s responsible for thousands of affiliate sites on the Internet. If you find the items listed on Amazon too many to decide which one to buy, review sites make things easier for you. The platforms buy sample products for the sole purpose of testing. They describe the products and review their pros and cons for you.

Thanks to the wide variety of products, you can get all sorts of discounts. Most products on Amazon are owned by independent manufacturers and suppliers. They simply use Amazon to market and make sales happen. As such, companies are always competing for customers, rewarding you in all sorts of ways.


It’s hard to talk about Amazon without mentioning eBay. The two online sites may be different in a lot of ways but they are two of the world’s biggest shopping websites. eBay differs from Amazon in that anyone can become a seller.

With Amazon, it takes a long process to be registered as a seller. You must have a legitimate business that manufactures hundreds of items. With eBay, all you need is to create a seller account. List any items you have and set the price.

Many manufacturers that sell products on Amazon also list them on eBay. Because of that, prices for some products tend to be similar on both sites. eBay also has all the discounts and great shopping offers you find on Amazon.

In a similar way, comparison websites like that review Amazon products also review products on eBay. Instead of shop around on both platforms, comparison websites review the products and display prices on either shopping site to help you make buying decisions easier.

In essence, you can trust either eBay or Amazon for any household and workplace equipment. However, it’s worth noting that there is less safety shopping on the former compared to the latter. Anyone can be a seller on eBay, meaning even scammers can take your money and ship nonexistent products. As advice to avoid fraudsters, eBay advises buyers to use credit card payments or any methods where canceling the transaction is easy.

Etsy-Hand Crafted Items

While Amazon and eBay compete to sell almost anything, Etsy concentrates on a single niche. If you are a fan of handcrafted items, the website is the place to be. Like many modern websites, Etsy lists products alongside reviews. You don’t need to view each product. Look at the reviews and only click on the best-rated items.

The fact that Etsy deals with handcrafted items doesn’t mean it’s limited to a few products. The website ranks amongst the top 20 largest retailers. You can find jewelry and accessories on the website. There are clothes and shoes, home products, wedding items, art, vintage products, and books.

If you want something written or crafted using hands, Etsy is the place to go. The website isn’t detailed in design but is neat enough for quick navigation. You can find items categories based on prices, whether they are customizable and shipping speeds.

Overstock-Household Items

Overstock is a beautiful, top five shopping website in popularity and size. The US-based retailers is also a global leader in innovativeness and incorporating technology. As an example, Overstock was the first major merchant to accept bitcoin payments.

In spite of its love for technology, Overstock is more of a family shopping site. It’s the go-to website for cutlery, appliances, furniture, rugs and baby items. You can also find electronics, clothes and other items you expect in a general shopping website.


If you know about Walmart stores but not their website, it’s probably time you checked it out. Similar to Amazon, Walmart is like your local mall only that it exists online. If you dislike their physical stores, Walmart’s website is a great place to find home products easily.

You don’t have to worry about parking space. You don’t have to meet all kinds of strange people. Simply visit the website and find anything you want. Again, Walmart makes thing easier by listing trending items on their homepage. That way, you can know what’s trending and decide to make a purchase or not.

Forever 21 Shopping

Ulta-Beauty Products

For all the women who wish they could find a reputable site for beauty products, Ulta was made for you. The website lists products based on brands, where applied, for men, gifts and more. Ulta is neatly designed and ships all-round the world. US customers can also book appointments on Ulta’s beauty shops as well as apply for makeup and tutorial lessons.

To Conclude

If you want to shop on a large website, there are more than 100 retailers that ship around the world. Amazon and eBay lead the industry in popularity. But you can also find niche-specific sites like Forever21 that serve a particular industry. Whatever you want to buy, feel safe shopping in any of the above-reviewed websites.

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