Which Pet Should I Get for My Kid?

Pets are our best friends. They are not just animals which live with us in our home . They are our companions. Children especially play with them and love them a lot. For kids, their pets are as equally important as their other family members. Small children usually talk with them. They share their happiness and momentary sadness  with their pets. 

Have you ever observed a child tell his pet all about what has happened throughout the day with him? Also he tries to understand his pet’s feelings: whether he is happy, sad, hungry, lazy or in a playful mood. Having a child has a lot of emotional, mental and physical benefits for your ward. 

So,if you are planning to welcome a pet in your home, especially for your kid, then we can help you in choosing the right one. Here, we have provided a list of some famous and best pet for your kids. Don’t forget to have a look on their unique features! 

Let’s discover!

pet for kids

1. Rabbit

  If your child is a toddler then rabbits are perfect for him. These are very cute. Your kid can easily handle it. Also its safe to play with a rabbit all around in the house. It takes some time for a rabbit to get used to living with people or used to human touch. But once they are comfortable then your child will have great fun with it. The kid can lift a rabbit in his hand, make him asleep in his lap or carry it on his shoulder or back. A rabbit can engage your child for the whole day.

2. Fish

Owning fish as a pet have two benefits. Firstly, it enhances your home beauty. Another one is that it creates no disturbance in your house. The biggest advantage is that fishes are quiet pets. If your kid wants a calm companion then fish is best for him. Your child can talk with it, share everything and observe it. It’s texture, colour and random movements will entertain your ward. It’s maintenance is easy as what it requires is just clean, fresh water and food at regular intervals. 

3. Mice

  If your child is very active then mice will be the most suitable pet for him. The advantage to keeping mice as pets is that they require a small space in your home. Your ward can easily train the mice and play with them. Taking care of them is not  cumbersome and expensive. Mice just need a rodent diet on a regular basis. 

4. Cat

  If your kid is fond of pets but less time to spend with them then cats are good for him. It is a lively friend that requires less maintenance. It doesn’t require regular baths. Also there is no need to walk with it. You child can play hide and seek with it. Your child will never feel bored as it accompanies him wherever he goes.

5. Dog

  A cute puppy is the classic first pet for kids. But you should wisely choose it’s breed. Dogs are very much playful and loving. If your child and dog behaviours are same then it will be a pretty match! Dogs require more maintenance compared to other pets. But if you want a less maintenance puppy then check certain things before welcoming it to your home: it’s temperament, breed, exercise and space they need.

6. Guinea Pigs

  A guinea pig is a smart pet. It will be a nice friend of your kid as it quickly responds to most of your ward’s actions. It is easily handleable. Also it is safe for your child to play with it as rarely or never bite humans. 

7. Turtle

  If your child is very talkative then you must gift him a turtle in the form of companion. Turtles are peaceful and gentle creatures. They will endlessly fascinate your kid. Your child can have long conversations with it. They stay in the same position for long durations, so the kid can be a chatterbox with it! Turtle has very long life span. So it can promise you not to be left alone whether you promise or not.

8. Rats

Rats prove to be incredible pets for your kids. They are very social and intelligent with inquisitive minds. If you are looking for a rewarding and low maintenance pet then rats can be a wise choice for you. There is a belief that rats are somehow plain scary and are untidy. But it’s not completely true. Your ward can keep them clean and in well manner.

9. Tortoise

If your child wants to take care of his pet then a tortoise is a good option. Tortoises are easy to clean and so are low maintenance pets. They are cute and quiet pets for kids.

10. Birds

If your child wants big personality pets then birds are a perfect match. Birds are beautiful, delightful and intelligent creatures. They make your child feel happy by talking to and taking care of them. They are very active and require low maintenance. Their musical sound will fascinate your child. A bird with a long lifespan can be longlife friend of your kid.  Also living with a bird, your child will develop the feeling of love, care and respect towards other creatures.

birds as pet

11. Sea Monkeys

If your child is between 2 and 5 years then the sea monkey is an ideal pet for him. These seem to be no or very low-maintenance pets as you have to feed them once every 5 to 7 days. Kids have fun watching these. Their lifespan is 2 years. So these are highly suited to the child who loves to own pets but doesn’t know what it entails.  


 Pets are very lovable. They not only keep your child active and happy but also make them learn important life lessons. But it is the parents responsibility to wisely choose and  provide a right pet at the right age to their kid. 

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