Plagiarism Checker Review 

Prepostseo is helping several students, webmasters, and SEO experts by developing more than 95 free online tools.

It is one of the top free tools websites with several incredible writing, educational, domain checking, and website management tools.

The website is specially designed by using different latest technologies including HTML, CSS 3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and jQuery.

The tools used in the development process involve PHP 5, MySQL, and Code Igniter.

Their top SEO tools include excellent Plagiarism Checker, advanced Paraphrasing Tool, latest Image to Text Converter, and Article Rewriter.


Getting Started

There is no signup process is required to use any online tool by

All you need to do is to open the site, select the desired tool, and use it anywhere & anytime free of cost.

The website provides several online tools to help students in checking the quality of their academic work.

Prepostseo provides an amazing paraphrasing tool that helps to quickly rephrase unlimited content within no time.

Users can also register on the site and buy its Premium Plans to use several tools with some incredible features.

I’ve also purchase its premium packages and our experience was completely amazing.

The tool with a premium monthly or yearly plan provides us some unlimited access to some features.

Premium plans save our time by checking the originality of up to 500 words within a single click.

It also provides an option to check the accurate word count of up to 50 documents in no time.

Plagiarism Checker Review: Working 

Prepostseo has developed an excellent online plagiarism checker to quickly detect the plagiarized content in the content.

The checker uses the latest deep search technology and scans the entire document to check the originality of the content.

Prepostseo’s Plagiarism Checker is widely used by several students, teachers, and bloggers to detect plagiarism in their files within a few seconds.

To use this free online checker, follow the below steps:

  • Copy and Paste the text into the input box
  • Upload file from the system in multiple types
  • Paste the link into the Exclude URL option to prevent checking the specified web page
  • Press the “Check Plagiarism” button to analyze files

Once the user uploads the document into the checker, it scans the complete file and matches it with several online resources and databases.

After analyzing the file, it quickly highlights the plagiarized data and displays the percentage of the unique and matched text.

The plagiarism checker is widely known to identify any kind of plagiarism whether it is accidental, incremental, or self-plagiarism. 

Plagiarism Checker Review: Performance 

 To test the performance of this online checker, I upload a word document file from my system.

The best thing about this checker is that it allows us to upload a document in different formats including .doc, .docx, .txt, and .pdf, etc.

Once the file has been uploaded, it quickly provides us the accurate plagiarized content.

It shows us the exact percentage of unique and plagiarized text and also highlights every single piece of the paraphrased content used in the content.

The overall performance of this online free plagiarism detector is quite impressive and it also provides us the source of the actual source of content within a single click.

I’ve downloaded the final result report of the uploaded content with its amazing ‘Download Report’ option.

Plagiarism Checker Review: Pricing and Plans

This free online checker is available in both free and paid versions.

I’ve used this plagiarism checker in both versions and check all of its features.

The free version of this online checker allows us to scan up to 1000 words with the help of its amazing features.

As a free user, I’m allowed to use 500 search queries with a limited word limit.

The premium plans of this excellent checker provide both monthly and yearly paid packages.

The basic monthly plan starts at just $10 including 5,000 search queries and 5,000 words limit for each search.

Also, its affordable standard monthly plan comes at $20 including 25,000 search queries and 15,000 words limit.

And the standard company monthly plan comes up with $45 including 75,000 search queries and 25,000 words limit.

Whereas, the yearly monthly plan starts at $50 including 50,000 search queries and a word limit of 5,000 words for each search.

The standard yearly plan comes at $150 including 200,000 search queries and 15,000 words limit.

Also, the company yearly plan comes up with $350 including 500,000 search queries and 25,000 words limit.

All of these amazing packages support Plagiarism APIs and allows us to upload files in multiple formats.

Plagiarism Checker Review: Customer Support

Prepostseo provides the best email-based customer support service.

I have used this online plagiarism detection checker and test its almost every feature to check the originality of the content.

After using it deeply, I’ve emailed them to get some details related to the premium yearly plans.

They responded to our email within a few minutes and provide us every single piece of information about the premium plans.

I was very satisfied with their answers and now I’m using it to check the originality of my important documents.

Plagiarism Checker Review: Pros and Cons


  • The free version of this checker is available 
  • There is no registration required to use the free version
  • It uses advanced deep search technology to check the content for plagiarism 
  • The checker provides an option to exclude a URL
  • It generates the final report and shows the percentage of unique and plagiarized content
  • Also highlights the Paraphrased Text
  • Easy to use for all online purposes 
  • Allows users to download the result report


  • Can’t be used without having an internet connection
  • You have to buy its paid version to get amazing features

Final Words

Plagiarism checker is a good and amazing checker that is widely used to check the content’s originality.

If you’re a student, teacher, blogger, or webmaster who wants to check their content for plagiarism within no time, then simply use this online checker.

It provides the best accurate results by comparing the given file with almost every online resource.

I’ve personally used this free checker and believe me it quickly scans the document and highlights the matched sources within a single click.