Lag No More: How to Game Without Slowing Down Your PC

Regardless if you’re a casual gamer or an absolute pro, there aren’t many things worse than experiencing lag. After all, the only thing you want to get heated is the action in the game and not your device of choice. So, if you’re experiencing too much lag, let’s discuss some ways you can reduce this issue.

Trying Out Low-Spec Games

While your hand might itch to reach out to AAA games, they’re not the only ones that can provide you with plenty of excitement. There are countless low-spec games created that come in all the same genres you may love when it comes to bigger titles. From action to puzzles, there is no shortage of games with lower requirements.


Let’s start this off by trying browser games, such as those found in online casinos. Some of the best online slots like Hyper Strike and Big Bass Splash can easily be enjoyed without being too demanding on your system. In fact, they are designed to work smoothly even on phones and tablets, along with PCs.

When it comes to downloadable games, you might prefer sticking to indie gems or perhaps classic retro games. These typically require less from your device, and they are also more affordable when compared to big-budget games created by larger companies. Sometimes, you may even find options that are completely free to play.

Plus, this could potentially introduce you to a whole new range of games you might not have heard of if you hadn’t looked for them. While not as flashy as some other hyper-modern games, they might still surprise you with what they have to offer.

Tips for Optimizing Your PC for Gaming

Of course, low-spec gaming is not your only option if you’re struggling with lag. There are other things you can try that may impact your gaming experience. For starters, make sure your software, drives, and operating system are fully up-to-date. You’d be amazed at what a big difference this can make, especially if you haven’t caught up on your updates in a while.

Next up is adjusting your in-game settings to figure out what balance works best for you. While you might have to sacrifice graphics quality, the performance may be worth it in this case. Another option is installing software that will help you optimize your system resources for you. This will automate the process for you, especially if you’re less tech-savvy, and automatically close unnecessary background apps that could be causing more lag.

If possible, you should consider upgrading some hardware components, such as adding more RAM or a faster SSD. Finally, make sure you regularly clean your device, and we don’t just mean uninstalling unnecessary software or deleting files. Something as simple as dusting your device will improve your ventilation and thus minimize any overheating problems you may have.

Macbook Gaming

Lagging is a common problem many gamers encounter, especially when they are unable to purchase the latest gaming device to enjoy recent titles. But don’t let this ruin your gaming time. Instead, try out a fun indie title or one of our aforementioned tips. A few tweaks here and there can be all you need to experience the seamless gameplay you dream of.

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