How to Play YouTube Videos in Audio Mode without YouTube Premium

Youtube has recently launched a feature where you can listen to the audio found in a video without actually loading the video.It is called the Audio Mode and is only available to users on the paid version of Youtube. In this post we are going to introduce a service allows users to listen to youtube videos completely free.

FilterBypass is a free online proxy which acts as an intermediary between you and a target site and is mainly used to bypass internet censorship and faster browsing. This web proxy is particularly well known for its Youtube supports and provides Youtube audio mode as an additional feature. The feature is described as Listen Mode on FilterByPass. The method to access the audio mode is described below.

Method 1: – (The youtube video URL is known)

For example let’s assume the target video is:

  • Append &listen=1 to the target URL. In our case the new URL becomes
  • Go to and paste the new URL in the input box and click on the surf.

step 1

  • Now you get redirected to a page where only the audio is played. Enjoy!

Method 2: – (The youtube video URL is not known)

step 2

Since FilterByPass is a highly adaptive youtube web proxy, it also allows you to browse and search on Youtube.

  • Go to and click on the Youtube quick browse button.You can also write in the URL input box and click on Surf

step 3

  • Choose or search for the video you want to listen to and click on it. Scroll down to the button of the video and click on the hyperlink to switch to audio mode.

step 3

Advantages of using FilterBypass Listen Mode:

  • Save bandwidth and enjoy mobile data savings if you are not interested in the video
  • You can play music in the background when using the listen mode so feel free to lock your smartphone if you wish
  • Completely free with no bandwidth and usage limit
  • In Listen mode, the audio-only version of the video will loop by default without additional data costs as it takes the file from the browser cache.
  • No registration or signup needed, both on the proxy and youtube.
  • It can unblock geo-restricted videos

FilterByPass is a great web proxy service that not only unrestrict videos for those who want to bypass internet filters but gives a better experience overall while browsing youtube. It also supports other sites such as Facebook, Twitter and other video streaming sites although that’s not covered in this guide.

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