Positive and Negative Effects of Gambling in New Zealand

New Zealand has a teeming number of gamblers and professional punters who seek a form of entertainment. However, like all things, gambling comes with many benefits and drawbacks which might affect New Zealand players.

The most important thing when gambling at online casinos in New Zealand is to enjoy the positives and try to avoid the negative effects. This article will talk about the positive and negative consequences of gambling in New Zealand.

Positive effects of Gambling in New Zealand

When you bet at online casinos or land-based betting centres in the country, here are some positive effects:

Earn more money

The main advantage of betting with casino websites in New Zealand is to make profits. Without profits, then you are just playing. However, it has to be said that making money in online casinos isn’t guaranteed. While betting at the Best online Casinos in New Zealand can be lucrative, if you don’t understand the strategy you could make huge losses.

Also, some games need luck for you to make money. Players need the perfect combination of learning gambling strategies and having some luck on their side to make money in gambling.

Simple to start

Another positive side of gambling in New Zealand is that it is simple. Even when playing strategy games such as poker, online roulette, and blackjack, you just need some minutes to get into the game. Also, most New Zealand casinos online, offer their customers demo games that they can play without betting with real money. There are many tips online on how to gamble in New Zealand casinos either on sports betting or other games.


While every New Zealand player wants to make some profit from casino games, having fun is also important. Even when you lose, you enjoy the thrill and experience these games offer. When playing games, your mood is improved because of the triggering of dopamine among gamblers. It’s like when watching cartoons or movies, there is a form of enthusiasm that comes with it. Health experts say that leisure betting can be beneficial to people who want to avoid boredom and depression.

Chance to bet on many games

The gambling industry in New Zealand is very big and offers a plethora of games to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are new to gambling or professional, you will find a game that suits your taste. With online casinos New Zealand, you have the chance to wager on chance and skilled-based games.

Furthermore, these games are categorized into the lottery, gambling, and sports betting. You have the choice of taking on anyone you love whether slots, cards, dice, or soccer bets.

Great for networking

An advantage of gambling in New Zealand is that it creates an avenue to socialize with people. When betting at online casinos New Zealand, you have the chance to meet people of like minds who can become life friends. This is ideal because it’s in everyone’s best interest to have someone to share things with.

Boost economy

With many countries reaping the rewards of legalizing gambling, more money comes into the economy. There are taxes placed on all casinos in New Zealand which the government uses to create infrastructures. In 2021, The New Zealand govt made about $2.5 billion alone from taxes paid by these bookies. Also, since there are regular casino tournaments, it serves as a good way of tourism as people from other countries visit to play games.

Negative effects of gambling in New Zealand

While there are many positives associated with gambling in the country, it has its drawbacks which are:

The Odds aren’t fair

When you consider gambling in New Zealand, it is not favourable to most players. The bookies usually design the games to have an advantage over the players. While there are many winners, there are usually more losers at online and offline casinos. The house edge on these games favours the bookies more than the players which means more people will lose than win.


Another negative effect of gambling in the country is the chances of addiction. Gambling addiction in New Zealand has been on the rise for five years. Many people can’t control their urge with gambling and will do anything to keep betting. Even those who sought medical help still struggle with control disorder. The urge to bet in casinos is very strong and can disrupt players’ lifestyles.


There has been a steady increase in crime linked to gambling in casino websites New Zealand. When people lose, they tend to resort to crime. This is dangerous as social vices can affect how people are viewed and caused societal issues.

When it comes to gambling in New Zealand, many casinos are operating in the city. However, betting in the country comes with numerous pros and cons which have been highlighted above.

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