Presale Crypto BlockDAG Network Tempts Miners with 10% Bonus & NFT Platform Blur Attracts $1.1 Billion; Ethereum 90% YTD Vs Solana

Blur has accumulated more than $1.1 billion in deposits for its Layer 2 blockchain, Blast. The numbers add up with $1 billion of stakeEther and $103 million of DAI. The platform has got mixed reviews so far, with everyone on the wait for its official launch in February 2024. In the battle of Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL), SOL has taken the lead with the crypto community looking at ETH to take its revenge.


While ETH raised 102% over 2023, SOL steals the crown with 950% year-to-year growth. However, BlockDAG (BDAG) has launched its referral program allowing crypto miners to earn 10% more and additional rewards with its crypto mining hardware. The launch of X-Series mining equipment further adds to the presale of BDAG reaching $1 million in 24 hours, making it a fan favourite in the crypto community.

Blur’s Blast Crosses $1.1 Billion In Staked Deposits

The non-fungible token (NFT) platform Blur, launched its Layer 2 blockchain Blast. In 2023, Blast has crossed the $1.1 billion milestone in deposits with a promised airdrop for May. However, the platform is not expected to go live until February 2024. According to reports from DefiLlama, since the launch of the website in November 2023, crypto investors have staked nearly $1 billion in value of stakeEther (stETH) and about $103 million worth of DAI stablecoin.

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The catch is the 5% yield on the staked assets including the Blastpoints, which are eligible for an airdrop taking place in May 2024. With the referral program users will be able to earn points by referring others to the platform.

Ethereum Set To Take Revenge On Solana?

The crypto community is buzzing with the term “Revenge of Ethereum.” The conflict between the Ethereum and Solana communities begins to rise. SOL, often dubbed the “Ethereum Killer,” has surged tremendously over 2023. While ETH has gained 90% in 2023, SOL belittles this growth percentage with its 951% increase in value.


Crypto enthusiasts are anticipating high peaks for Ethereum as Michael Saylor buys $615 million worth of Bitcoin, with some analysts predicting ETH to nearly hit the price of $3,485. Still, the outperformance of Solana over Ethereum, with the bulk of relative on-chain activity, has led many to compare the two blockchains.

BlockDAG Network Offers Crypto Miners New Referral Program

BlockDAG enters the crypto mining landscape with a vision to hit $600 million in 2024. Gathering $1 million in 24 hours in its presale batch makes BDAG an exciting investment opportunity. Its referral program allows users to earn more mining power along with additional rewards. Moreover, BlockDAG revolutionises the speed factor when it comes to crypto mining with its latest mining equipment available in its X-Series on its website.

The most basic model is the X1 mobile application then comes the portable and handy miner X10. The third one is the X30, a medium-scale BDAG mining device and the fourth one is the X100, a high-end mining machine with the power to operate at a hash rate of 2 TH/s. BlockDAG is making waves with its latest mining devices, and with the equipment available directly on the company’s website, it gives a sense of security and trust to the users with hassle-free shipping.


Understanding The Crypto Market Better

The non-fungible token (NFT) platform Blur has gained more than $1.1 billion in value in its staked deposits. The company promises a return of 5% along with Blastpoints and a referral program to earn more. Solana and Ethereum are battling again for the throne of the highest growth.

The SOL took the title with its 951% growth, while ETH showed a 102% growth over 2023. However, enthusiasts are keen on Ethereum to take its revenge soon. The launch of BlockDAG’s X-Series mining equipment grabs the attention of crypto investors.

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