How to Print and Share Photos From Your iPhone

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for: she looks beautiful, you’ve picked the perfect romantic spot, you’ve handed off your iPhone X to her friends who are hidden out of sight, and you’ve got the ring in your pocket. In her friends’ hands, the iPhone’s 12 megapixel camera is the perfect resolution to capture this incredible moment — the moment she says “yes” to spending the rest of her life with you. But, though time is fleeting, won’t you want to share this occasion with her family? And won’t you want to revisit this decisive instant with her for years to come?

Using an iPhone to document this ephemeral memory presents a few challenges for both of these desires. The following are a few tips and tricks to guarantee that not only do you take beautiful pictures of your favorite moments, but that you can share and print your iPhone photos with ease.

Share Photos From Your iPhone


After a significant moment in your life, it’s only natural that you’ll want to share your photos with friends and family. With an iPhone, there are a number of ways you can go about doing this. Two very easy ways include the iPhone’s very own AirDrop tool and, if sharing with non-iPhone users or with friends that aren’t nearby, Google Drive.


When using AirDrop, make sure that your recipient is within Bluetooth and Wi-Fi range. Make sure that both of you have your AirDrop turned on and that your contact information is in their phone. You can also access AirDrop and change your settings for sending and receiving files in your phone’s Control Center. Once you’ve done that, you can share multiple photos or videos from the Photos app. After you’ve chosen the photos you want to share, your recipient should tap the Accept button in the AirDrop app.

Google Drive

If you’re sharing your photos with people who aren’t iPhone users or who are far away, you should consider using Google Drive. It’s especially easy if you and your recipient(s) both have Gmail email addresses. First, make sure that you have the Google Drive app on your iPhone. Then, in the Google Drive application, click on the Add button and upload the photos you want to share. After the files have uploaded to your drive account, you can share them to other Drive users. In the Photos tab in Google Drive, select the photos you want to share. Put those photos in a file then choose how you want to share the file. You can share the file by making it public or by creating a shareable link for the file that allows anyone who has the link to download the photos.


Your photos aren’t meant to live on your phone forever. They’re meant to be displayed for the world to see! Luckily, there are ways to print directly from your iPhone.

For an album or wallet

If you’re planning on keeping your photos in a photo album or in your wallet, you can print your photos at home or even at some pharmacies. If printing at home, all you have to do is share your photos with an AirPrint-enabled printer. If you have an older printer, you can still print directly to it using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Just make sure you have high quality printer paper, and you’ll be ready to go.

Your photos are worthy of canvas

Though printing at home can be a fun and fast way to have access to a physical copy of your photos, your photos should be displayed like the artwork that they are. Canvas prints are a beautiful way to honor the importance of significant moments in your life. You can create collages of favorite photos or keep it simple by having one, large photo printed. Hung on your wall among other art pieces and posters, your photo will add to your home’s aesthetic and serve as a reminder of a day that changed your life. Simply upload the image or images you want to use directly from your iPhone, and place an order.


One challenge you may face in getting your photos shot, shared, and printed is a cracked or damaged screen. It can be difficult to control your iPhone’s camera or to even place an order if the screen isn’t easily used. Before heading out for your big moment, consider investing in an iPhone X screen replacement for your phone. These solutions are much quicker – and cheaper – than having to invest in a new device. Not to mention, you won’t have to worry about lost images or data when switching from one device to another.

Whether your big moment is a proposal or graduation, you’ll want to remember it for years to come. Use your iPhone to document those important occasions. Once you get your pictures printed, you’ll relive your most cherished memories every day!

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