Pro Cross Country Moving Tips by Top Cross Country Movers

Moving home in itself is not an easy task, then moving cross country is something all the more difficult. It includes many tasks to plan a proper long distance move. There are some important Dos to be taken care of when planning and executing a long distance move. It requires a lot more planning so here are some long distance moving tips from the best cross country movers that will help you remember everything you need to do before time to have a successful move.

Cross Country Moving Tips

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Start Planning As Soon As You Get To Know About Your Move

Planning ahead will be the most important step in your long distance move. Create an ultimate moving checklist to help you through every phase of your move. Stick to your checklist and add every moving-related task you need to accomplish. Utility installation and school enrollment are time-sensitive tasks, so you should prefer these tasks over others and to keep yourself from forgetting, try scheduling chunks of time on your calendar for moving-related tasks and set up reminders on your phone to get appointments at the new place.

Keep The Load Less

Moving home is an expensive affair so the cost of your interstate move will largely be dependent on the weight of your belongings. So to save a hefty amount, it’s advisable to sell off your unwanted and non-usable stuff at a consignment store or online marketplace. You can also donate gently used items to lighten the load and earn some goodwill.

Divide The Work

Divide all the work among your family members. Involve your wife, kids, and other family members to help you with packing. Teach your children the proper ways to pack before they begin the packing process. Young children can assist and help with packing up their own rooms. Pack first the non-essentials and other items you won’t need in the weeks to the move. These items may include seasonal clothing, books, and CDs. Essentials should be packed in the end as you may need them till the end.

Plan Travel Arrangements In Advance

Be sure to research and schedule all travel details at least a month or more prior before moving across the country. Travel arrangements from airplane tickets to hotel reservations should be planned in advance and should not be postponed to the end minute.

Hiring A Moving Company

When searching for a moving company, be sure to get a quotation from at least 4 to 5 moving companies. Special services, offerings and pricing of moving may vary from company to company. Check the licensing and insured details of the moving company before hiring them. Check if they have their U.S. DOT number in the FMCSA’s database or not. Be aware of moving frauds and hire a reputable and trustworthy moving company. A company’s reputation can be judged from online rankings and reviews posted by its old clients.

Updation of Documents

When you are moving cross country, be particular about getting your important documents updated. These documents may include your driving license and registration. Changing your address will require updating your information in a lot of different places including your bank details. Make sure to plan ahead and research about all the documents to be updated much before your moving time.

Moving Insurance- A Must Step

Moving home means moving all your valuable and important stuff along. Check what your home and auto insurance covers as moving companies usually offer a limited insurance policy. Make a list of your valuable items and then you might want to purchase a more comprehensive plan if you have many expensive or valuable items. You might want to purchase a more comprehensive plan if you have many expensive or valuable items.

Moving Containers

Portable moving containers are a way better option than professional moving companies. These moving containers double as storage pods and are very helpful to those in need of storage before, during or after a move. These can be rented much before the moving date and you can plenty of time in packing and storing your stuff. Once the packing and loading of containers is done, the moving container company comes and lift the containers and deliver them to the destination safely.

Documentation Of Moving Items

Take enough photos and videos of your belongings once packed to document the condition of those belongings at the beginning of the move. These photos and videos will act as a proof if any damage is done to your belongings during the transportation due to mishandling. These proofs can help in filing a claim and seeking compensation for the damage done by the moving company.

Valuables And Important Documents

Valuables and important documents like insurance papers, house ownership papers, legal documents, and passports, etc. should not be sent with the moving stuff. Jewelry and items of sentimental values should be kept safe with you while moving.

Contact Number Of The Driver

Though you will be having all the details and contact numbers of the moving company, it’s advisable to take all the contact details of the moving driver too. Your moving company should provide some way for you to track your driver to stay up-to-date with the status of the moving truck.

Some these are some pro tips that would help you make your long distance move a complete success.

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