5 Tips to Knowing Where Your Product Shows Up on an Amazon Search

Listing your product on Amazon enables you to reach out to as many customers as possible. However, the number of sales that you record every month is determined by the visibility of your product on Amazon. Most people focus on increasing their presence on other search engines such as Google and Bing but forget to optimize for Amazon.

In fact, Amazon is a search engine on its own. This is because the web portal is visited by many people that are looking for different products. If your product can’t be found in the first pages of search results, you have zero chance of making sales. Here are a few tips that can help you push your products closer to customers.

1. Strive to Appear on First Pages  

When visitors search for any product, they will definitely narrow down their interest on products that appear in the first few pages of Amazon results. On the other hand, your products will be ranked higher if they are viewed many times by internet users. The easiest way of increasing online presence of your products is by marketing them aggressively using various networks and channels. This is because products that are marketed the most will obviously attract the most sales and product reviews. Customers actually prefer products that have the highest number of reviews.

2. Optimize Product Title

Amazon requires you to include a title for every product that you add into your inventory. By just looking at the title of your product, customers can tell whether it’s exactly what they are shopping for. Since customers don’t have all the time to go through all listed products, you should optimize your title such that it tells a lot about the features of the product.

A title that tells it all will convert visitors into buyers more often than a vague title. A good title should include product brand, material used or ingredients, line, quantity, color and size. For best results, you should include the advantage of the product in the title. Although the advantage of the product will not help in optimizing the title, it will enhance on the product’s appeal.

3. Add Product Pictures

Since your products are bought virtually, you should ensure that your product listing is complimented by nice pictures. The pictures should have been taken from different angles so your customers can already tell how the product really looks like before making an order. This means that a few pictures are not enough for showcasing the different areas of your product.

4. Outline on Product Features

Bullet points should never be skipped because they help in informing potential buyers on how the product is designed to work. Using bullet points when elaborating on the features of your product can go a long way towards compelling visitors to buy it. The bullet points should be arranged in an ascending order to make sure the most crucial features are seen first.  This is because customers will scrutinize the product by just reading through the first few features.

5. Use Keyword Tool

You can tell how often your product shows up in search results by checking it using a keyword rank tracking tool. In fact, you should use this tool when optimizing your product listing. When looking for a keyword, you should opt for the one that has the lowest competition. Going for a keyword that has high competition will only cause your product to be viewed by few if not few visitors.

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