Recover Forgotten Passwords from Windows Applications

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On June 20, 2017
Last modified:February 18, 2018


It’s really a pain if you’ve lost your Windows login password and facing trouble accessing your own system. So, last week I provided 8 ways to recover your lost Windows login password. However, the login screen is not the only place where users put a password. Users can secure PDF, RAR, DOC, PPT, Excel and many other files with a password using various password protection tools. And Yes, they do!

It’s all cool and OK as long as you remember passwords of all those files. But the more password protected files you have, the harder it becomes to remember their passwords. If you forget a password and if it’s placed in many files, you’re yourself locked out of all those important files now. By representing this scenario, I am NOT suggesting that you should not put a password on your files but you should at least keep a password recovery tool which can help you to recover or reset the password of any of your secured files to help you to regain the access.

Everyone who plays with passwords ultimately needs a password recovery tool at some point in time. If you play with them, you will need it too. But the moment of choice is that if you want to look out for a password recovery tool in panic when you’ve already forgotten the password of some of your most important files or be preemptive, you might fall for a scam or inefficient software.

If you’ve got a few minutes in your hand then I would like to introduce Password Recovery Bundle which I personally used to remove password of many Windows applications when I was locked out in past. Scroll down below to learn more about this password recovery tool, know how efficient it is and how you can use it to recover/reset password of any desired Windows application or file.

Password Recover Bundle

Password Recovery Bundle (by is a powerful software which contains a set of tools to recover, reset or remove passwords of important Windows files quickly. It can help you retrieve/reset passwords of Windows, PDF, ZIP, RAR, Office Word/Excel/PowerPoint documents, Instant Messengers, Email clients, Web Browsers, FTP clients and many other applications.

Any computer user (whether a newbie or an expert) can use this Windows password recovery software without any technical skills. Clean & obvious interface of the software makes it very easy for users to remove password from any Windows files or applications.

How to use Password Recovery Bundle

To use Password Recovery Bundle, visit the product page here and download the software through the links (free/paid) provided at the bottom. Now, follow these easy steps to recover or reset password of any password-protected Windows files:

Step 1 – Once you have downloaded it, install the Password Recovery Bundle software and launch it from its desktop shortcut or start menu entry. Once you have run it, you will see this screen:

You can see that the software interface is very easy. On the right side, there are 4 buttons provided to perform following tasks:

  • Start Recovery – lets you recover/reset password from application.
  • Recover from File – lets you recover/reset password from file.
  • Windows Password – lets you recover, reset, remove or bypass Windows login password of administrator or other users of any Windows PC.
  • Exit – to exit the program.

Step 2 – If you want to recover or reset password from your applications, click on Start Recovery button. Clicking on this button will bring up a drop-down menu that shows all supported password types: Password recovery Bundle supports 60+ applications from which you can recover or reset passwords unlimited times without losing the content of the file. From the list, choose the desired password type for which you want to recover.

And, if you want to recover password from files, you need to click Recover from File button which will show up the following options of files from which you can recover password using this password recovery software:

Step 3 – You only need to select the desired option of file or application to recover the password. Once you’ve done it, leave the rest to the software. Password recovery bundle will automatically recover the password and show it in the big white area provided on the left.

If the password is stored anywhere in the PC, it will be shown to you instantly or else, the software will show you option to reset/remove password.

Wrapping it Up

Password Recovery Bundle is very quick program. In most of the cases, you will get the password instantly. Additionally, you can recover Windows Key or registration key of a software installed in your PC.

You can download free trial of Password Recovery bundle which can show partial password. It is helpful to verify if you can trust this Windows password recover tool to recover password of your desired files or applications. Once you’re sure, buy Password Recovery Bundle to retrieve full password, reset or remove it.

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