3 Romantic Gemstone Jewellery for This Valentine Day

Since antiquity, gemstones have been associated with spiritual and sentimental symbolism, making them a perfect gift for your loved ones. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, what’s better than surprising the love of your life with sparkling gemstone jewellery they will cherish for a lifetime.

When it comes to the top choices in this category, you’ll be amazed to find varieties such as a blue sapphire ring, emerald bracelet, opal pendant, ruby ring, etc. Each of these jewels is characterized by a natural stone set in breath-taking designs.

Subdued motifs and filigree designs add another layer of sophistication to these pieces while classic styles can still mesmerize with their raw elegance. If you’re wondering how to appease your sweetheart with a beautiful work of art, here are some options you can try:

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Stunning Ruby Rings with Delicate Designs

With their legendary past boasting a close affinity to love and passion, rubies have always been a top choice for the Valentine’s Day gifting. The deep red colour and glowing sparkle of this gemstone represent an inextinguishable fire that can ignite deep and undying love. No wonder, Ruby Stone is considered the best choice for the Day of Love.

As far as the design of your ruby ring goes, you’ll find yourself spoilt for choices at a store like GemPundit that offers a wide variety encamping classy and edgy rings designed with patterns such as a cluster of diamonds surrounding a cushion cut ruby or ruby set in a scalloped surround with calibrated stones. Another great option is a solitaire ruby ring with pave setting in a white gold, sterling silver, or yellow gold band.

Classy Blue Sapphire Ring with Traditional Patterns

Nothing symbolizes elegance, royalty, and love like a brilliantly cut blue sapphire stone. This gemstone has transformed from its ecclesiastical significance to romantic connections over the centuries. Today, it is considered a symbol of undying loyalty, fidelity, and lifelong commitment.

When Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with his mother’s classic blue sapphire ring, this gemstone received unprecedented popularity and became symbolic to true love for many couples. If you also want to surprise your loved one with this stone’s beauty, choose a traditional design featuring a large step cut sapphire surrounded by paved diamonds or choose an edgy design of blue sapphires set as a halo in a platinum band with engraving on its inside. A band is also a perfect option if you love stacking your rings every now and then.

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Emerald Pendants in a Gold Setting

For May-born people, emerald jewellery can define the true meaning of love and commitment. The bright green colour of this gemstone represents hope, growth, and optimism for a successful relationship. This elegant and mesmerizing gemstone evokes unconditional feelings and exudes unmatched sophistication. And if you’re going through a testing phase in your marriage, an emerald pendant can help reignite the passion and foster the growth of your love bringing perfect harmony to your life.

Choose a classic emerald cut in square shape and set in a gold band as a solitaire to let the stone take the centre stage. For a modern look, you can opt for a medallion style setting in pure gold or cabochon-cut Emerald Stone embedded within a band of diamonds on Panchdhatu metal. When you choose a gemstone pendant, remember to keep your chain thin and delicate so that the stone shines beautifully in its setting.

Another thing to consider is the metal you choose. Whether you go for a ruby ring, a blue sapphire jewellery, a gemstone bracelet, or stylish pendant, choose a metal that can withstand the setting and weight of your stone without losing its sheen over the years.

Tips to Choose Gemstone Jewellery for This Valentine’s Day

Now that you know all about the significance and options available for gemstone jewellery, research around and shop for products that offer a better value for your money. Some fishy traders may try to sell fake jewels with shiny rocks made in a lab with chemicals.

So, start by asking the seller to produce a lab certificate proving the stone’s authenticity with details like its clarity grade, origin, etc. Other tips to help you make a great decision are:

  • Compare the prices at different stores before finalising your purchase
  • Ask the seller about customisation option if you want a ring with your signature style
  • Inspect the setting of the stone to see if it’s firmly set without any risk of falling loose with daily use

With these points, you can find a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your love. Go ahead and buy a ring that shows your feelings with its impeccable beauty and lasting impact.

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