Service assurance platform – the benefits of using it

Recently, network operators in the telecommunications industry have been forced to take a new approach to running their business and activities related to service assurance in telecom. The introduction of solutions that ensure great customer experience is possible thanks to the service assurance platform and efficient network management and OSS service analysis.

  • Service assurance platform—service quality and automation
  • What are the benefits of integrated service assurance platform for your company?

Service assurance platform—service quality and automation

What is service assurance in telecom? These are activities that enable efficient error management and reduce the time needed to fix them as fast as possible. It is accomplishable thanks to a network service assurance platform. What does it offer? First of all, fault and service problem management, service assurance control and resource and service test / performance management.

The big advantage of this platform for network service assurance is the ability to adapt it to your needs because it is based on Open API. Service assurance management is integrated and comprehensive here because it analyses data collected from partners’ systems and converged networks.

Service Assurance

What are the benefits of integrated service assurance platform for your company?

Taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the service assurance system is an investment for dynamically developing enterprises. Service assurance telecom on such a platform enables automatic analysis of the causes of errors in a cross-domain manner. This is a solution that makes the work of engineers much easier and gives them the opportunity to use their talents and knowledge in an even better way.

Thanks to service assurance automation, all events are processed more efficiently, so your company can experience a reduction in the fixed costs of maintaining its business.

In the telecom service assurance industry, it is important to adapt your business to the dynamics of change and innovative technologies such as 5G. For further development and telecom assurance, it is also worth introducing AIOps, breaking silos and decreasing time of repair, which can also be considered as a crucial aspect of customer satisfaction.

Automation, optimisation, and modernisation are activities that can be performed with the help of the service assurance platform and thus increase your competitiveness on the market. It is also a great convenience for employees who, thanks to an advanced platform adapted to their industry and the nature of their duties, can efficiently monitor and manage the quality of the services offered.

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