Singapore Math for learning at home: How to decide

Self-study is not easy. Especially at school, when the student has not yet mastered the skills of independent analysis of material, doesn’t  know what questions need to be asked for a better understanding of a particular topic, doesn’t feel that there are gaps and that they need to fill them. Perhaps it doesn’t apply to applicants who have gained experience while preparing for university. But as far as elementary school students are concerned, they can challenge themselves and turn it into a problem with the wrong approach.

Kids Thinking

We will not stay on negative experiences, but consider ways to successfully study school material by student at home independently. Let’s clarify right away that the word independently means learning without a teacher or with minimal involvement of him/her. Parents can be there and guide the child to the right direction, answer questions, help in solving problems that seem impossible. Self-study also means that you have start complementary education on your own. Perhaps out of the curriculum, you want to consolidate the material or study the topics in advance, or maybe repeat previous materials.

Every student, even with poor academic performance, will be able to learn geographic points, research language norms, write an essay or read a book. Therefore, in this article we will look at more difficult discipline – mathematics.

What programs are best for mathematics home-study?

There are so many math curricula, but not all of them can be learned from home with a textbook. For example, in order to learn how to solve certain equations, an explanation of the solution algorithm, learning special formulas, knowledge of theorems is required. Not every elementary school student can do it.

It will be an exception, rather than a rule, if a student masters such a program without difficulty at the highest level, or at least sufficient to pass the exams. It is quite another matter when it comes to a philosophical approach to mathematics.

Okay, what kind of curriculum is right then? Programs like Singapore math are great solutions for kids looking to improve themselves on their own.

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Singapore math for study-at-home

This unique method of math learning was developed back in the twentieth century to help children with lateral thinking, skills development in solving math and logic problems in a variety of ways. The program also helps to develop metacognitive skills, analyze the information received, look for new solutions, and create theories.

Online program offered by E Singapore Math includes sequential lectures, placement test and a system for working on bugs.

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It helps to complete tasks much faster and cheaper and make education process enjoyable.

Advantages of E Singapore math

The main advantage of studying Singapore Math is the individual approach to the student. Every child wants to feel special, worthy to develop their own theories and find exclusive solutions, without a fear of being ridiculed just because they slightly deviated from the common standards of thought and an ordinary approach.

The second advantage is the ability to learn the curriculum during a period the student chooses. Comfort and adjustment of the training system to the physiological properties of the child’s organism largely determine the success of training and academic performance. This feature of Singapore Math is due to the fact that the program is fully optimized for distance learning. Owls and larks alike, hyperactive and slow children alike, will be able to tune in to learning a science as complex as mathematics much faster.

The third advantage is that the child can assess his own progress and the degree of assimilation of the material after the end of each section. Placement test allows you to objectively consider the achievements and gaps in the knowledge and skills of the child, and if the results were unsatisfactory, the child has the opportunity to re-pass the corresponding section of the curriculum.

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Disadvantages of E Singapore math

The main disadvantage of Singapore Mat is that it is a specific program that has no analogues. The reason is that some students and their parents find it difficult to understand certain concepts.

The second disadvantage appears if the student changes the educational program to the standard one. The adaptation period is sometimes very problematic.

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Learning at home with E Singapore Math has more advantages than disadvantages, and the disadvantages are very relative. On closer examination of the program, you will notice that it develops mathematical and related abilities in children much better than the standard one and opens the way to a successful future.

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