What is Practice Management Software Used For?

We have all heard how practice management software improves the overall efficiency of a clinic. The details, however, tend to remain obscure and not entirely clear to everyone. So, what is PMS used for and how exactly can it improve your workplace?

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Instead of having separate departments for running patient medical records, billing, scheduling, and other administrative tasks that are only loosely connected, PMS unifies your clinic into a single, fully efficient and streamlined body.

While it is not impossible for very small practices to somehow manage with inefficient coordination between various aspects of daily business, once clinics reach a certain size, lags, delays, and faults in communication start taking their toll on the workflow.

In other words, PMS acts as the brain of all operations in your clinic. It integrates otherwise incoherent components into a well-functioning whole. This directly increases the efficiency of your practice while eliminating the human fault factor. The end result of introducing practice management software is a much more productive clinic.

Organization of Administrative Tasks

The primary function of every PMS is to reduce the effort spent on administrative and other non-medical tasks. Delegating the bulk of those tasks to the capable software can save you and your professionals much precious time that can be reinvested into what really matters, which is medical practice.

Apart from saving time, this administrative automation virtually negates the chance of accidents, miscommunications, and errors. The software stores every decision, follows every instruction, and delivers every order near-instantly, without needing to communicate with a second party. PMS does single-handedly and near-instantaneously what used to take admin teams hours of time.

Streamlining of Appointment Bookings

Booking and scheduling optimally requires some heavy thinking, holding many dates in your mind, and planning ahead. Any rearrangements require changing the big picture, while no-shows leave a gap in your time, resources, and productivity.

PMS changes all of this. The processing unit calculates the most optimal schedule in a fraction of a second with zero chance of error. In addition to this, it automatically sends reminders (emails as well as SMS) to clients that can confirm or reschedule their upcoming sessions.

This way, no-shows are drastically reduced, while the consequences of no-shows get minimized.

Simplified Invoice and Billing

As with administrative tasks, proper handling of finances requires a lot of work and, in pre-PMS clinics, a few capable hands. Errors in finances can have dire consequences that can ruin patient experience and damage your practice’s reputation. The bitter taste afterwards can ruin even the most professional healthcare service. And the bigger the clinic, the more effort is needed and the greater the chance of making a mistake.

PMS deals away with that and introduces automatically created online forms, deposits that do not represent a hassle to your patients, as well as a fully integrated payment system. Multiple payment types and non-intrusive queries and processes ensure that you keep your clinic’s economy straight while preserving the patients’ experience with your service.

Efficient Management of Patient Medical Records

Finally, streamlined storing of patient medical records allows for much easier handling of information relevant to your practitioners. Standardized entries that allow for a degree of customization bring clearer vision to your practitioners and thus increase the success rate of various medical interventions.

In addition to keeping data clear and readily available, PMS ensures total conformity to some of the highest safety and privacy protection protocols and standards available. Cloud-based technology ensures that you do not have to be afraid of your devices being stolen or any similar case, as the data itself is not physically present, but rather “lent” from digital storage facilities.


To sum up PMS in one sentence, it can be said that it is the mastermind behind the daily routine of your clinic, seamlessly connecting various aspects and coordinating every major and minor operation in your practice to a massive boost in efficiency and productivity.

Pursuing MCA from the University of Delhi, Saurabh Saha is an experienced blogger and internet marketer. Through his popular technology blogs: TechGYD.COM & Sguru.org, he is helping several brands to gain exposure in front of high-quality web visitors.