The Ultimate Guide to Uber Eats

Thanks to the amazing on-demand food delivery service apps, getting food delivered to your home has never been this easy! All you need to do is to have the app, select what you are craving, place the order and pay with your preferred payment method.

Uber Eats is an extension of Uber, bringing the food from your favorite restaurant right to your doorsteps. This service is available in 45 countries around the world and in more than 6.000 cities; with 66 million users, Uber Eats is one of the best food delivery service apps.


Using Uber

Uber is an American company that offers ride-hailing, package delivery, electric bicycle sharing and food delivery, founded by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp in 2009. Uber Eats was launched in August of 2014 as a way for the company to expand into other transportation sectors.

After a year of its launch, Uber Eats was available not only in the United States but also in cities like Barcelona and London.

So, let’s create an account

If you have never used Uber before, the very first step will be creating an Uber account. Creating an account is fairly easy, all you need is a valid phone number to verify your account, an email address and a strong password. To place an order, you can use the Uber Eats website or download the app for iOS devices in the App Store or for Android in the Google Play Store.

It really does not matter what method you use, because the process is almost the same: you select the restaurant, choose the food you will like to order from their menu, and then check out.

If you are using the app on your devices

First, the Uber passenger app is different from the Uber Eats app, so if you have the Uber passenger app on your phone, you can easily find the link to the Uber Eats app on your feed. The credentials to log in on the Uber Eats app are the same credentials as for your Uber passenger profile.

Now, let’s order some food! When you open the app, it will ask for the address where you would like your food to be delivered – if you have your home address or your office address in the Uber passenger app, it will automatically be imported into the Uber Eats app.

After that, the app will present to you a selection of restaurants that are nearby, plus, you can place an order on the app while you are on your way home and enjoy your meal as soon as you get to your place; but do not worry, you can also change to a different delivery location anytime you want, just by tapping the top bar. Another cool thing is that the app allows you to schedule orders for the future.

All the different choices

On the main page of the app, you have the option to browse the restaurants at your leisure, even search for a specific restaurant or any type of cuisine when you tap the search icon. When you tab on a restaurant, this will open up their menu and, to see different sections of the menu, all you need to do is to tap on the button at the bottom right. The app allows you to filter restaurants by type or, if you are in the mood for a specific dish, you can search for it and the app will show all the restaurants that offer it.

Once you have found what you want to order, just tap on it and it will be added on your cart – and if you would want to change the quantity of your order, all you need to do is to tap on buttons at the bottom -. When you are ready and have everything in your cart, just tap on the check-out button.

You can choose your payment methods, such as a PayPal account, a credit or a debit card. You can also tap under your address if you would like to add more detailed instructions for the driver to find your address. Plus, by tapping underneath the food items, you can include notes for the restaurants.

Non-VoIP number

When creating an account, you will need a phone number in order to verify your account, and a way to bypass this verification is by using Non-VoIP numbers. Non-VoIP numbers are also called virtual numbers, and because they are real USA phone numbers, they will allow you to bypass phone verification for any service.

Operated by the Epsilon Technology LTD company, VerifyWithSMS offers the best Non-VoIP service, and with these virtual SMS phone numbers, you can create any account. Setup is instantaneous, it is easy to access and very affordable, so now you can protect your privacy while ordering your favorite food.

Without a doubt this service is simple, fast and reliable. Have some peace of mind knowing you are protecting your credentials when you are ordering food from your favorite restaurants.

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