Social Shark – The Definitive Instagram Analytics Tool You Need

Facebook is losing its popularity faster than ever, Twitter is not equally influential. Users from both of these two topmost social networks are now moving to Instagram. Among all the social networks, Instagram is now the most popular service and its growing both in user base and popularity every month.

So, it has become important for businesses to not only exist but mark their presence on Instagram. Business and Services that are popular in Instagram drive tons of loyal customers to their apps and websites without putting many efforts or without wasting money. However, Instagram is a little bit different than other social networks. Your usual methods to engage users in Facebook or Twitter aren’t going to work here. There is a lot to understand about Instagram, your competitors, successful businesses and users behavior on this social network. You need to stay updated with Instagram rules, updates, and new features. You need to constantly monitor your competitors and their tactics, you need to increase your followers and understand how to keep them engaged, develop the strategies and improvise on the existing methods.

All these things can be too much to handle manually but thanks to Social Shark that provides a very simple interface to manage it all. Not only this, it automates more than half of your tedious task on Instagram. Social Shark is your social media manager which will boost your Instagram business multiple times within a few months. Want to know “How”? Then read along.

What is Social Shark?

Social Shark is a very popular online Instagram analytics tool which provides detailed stats about your Instagram account to monitor follows, unfollows, user engagements, posts’ performance, fans demography and much more. Not only this, Social Shark itself brings new followers and drives more attention to your Instagram post & profiles using some of its most amazing features which I am going to reveal in this article.

Social Shark

Features of Social Shark

Social Shark is equipped with all the tools that you need to take your brand from 1K to 100K on Instagram. Let me tell you all the important features and how they are going help you in reaching 100K or even 1M+ followers milestone soon –

In-depth Analytics

Just add your Instagram profile to the tool and Social Shark will start showing its detailed analytics through its web-based interface. The dashboard is made very simple. It displays important information such as followers, following, uploads, engagement rate, new followers, average likes, average comments, growth rate and people statistics graph which is very helpful to monitor your performance & know the trend.

Social Shark Performance Monitor

Hashtag Generator

Hashtags are the most important element for any Instagram post. It makes all the difference between 100 likes and 10,000 likes. If you use good hashtags, your Instagram posts will appear in all relevant search terms for targeted Instagram followers. However, doing it manually is a tough task as you need to take care of lots of things such as popularity, geography, golden number and much more but Social Shark has its automatic Hashtag suggestion tool which automatically adds perfect hashtags based on your image, URL or provided keywords.

Hashtags Suggestion

Automated Engagement

Maintaining your Instagram account engagement is most important but it is also the most tedious task. You need to keep posting new images, follow new & targeted Instagram users, interact with them in comments, DMs, etc. Also, you need to monitor your competitor’s hashtags, followers, location tags, etc. to find your target users, geographic location, perfect time to post and many other things. You can’t maintain these things for long time if you do it manually but thanks to Social Shark automated engagement features, all of these tasks can be automated.

Instagram Engagement

Once you have added your account, just enter keywords related to your niche, competitors accounts, geo-locations, etc. and Social Shark will automatically use these information to find your target audience. It also provides automatic like/comment, follow/unfollows features to take your Instagram account growth and engagement to next level.

Wrapping it Up

With all these features, Social Shark is the perfect Instagram Analytics and Growth tool you need to fast-forward your Instagram game. I highly recommend you to try Social Shark 7-days free trial to understand how this tool works and how can you use it to boost your account growth. Once you are totally sure, you can sign up to Social Shark Starter or Popular plan which will take your Instagram game one step ahead of your competitors in terms of targeted followers, engagement, virality and finally conversion.

Pursuing MCA from the University of Delhi, Saurabh Saha is an experienced blogger and internet marketer. Through his popular technology blogs: TechGYD.COM &, he is helping several brands to gain exposure in front of high-quality web visitors.