Poll Animal: Perfect Online Survey Creator for the Academic World

Surveys and research play an important part in anyone’s academic life. Everyone from students to teachers to lecturers value the importance of accurate surveys. Creating and running surveys can be a time-consuming and arduous process. Besides, it has become a capital-intensive task, something that is not always feasible in the academic world. This is where the online survey creator, Poll Animal comes into the picture. Loaded with all the required features, it is easy to use, has a unique model to help you reach more people, and is affordable.

How Can Poll Animal Help You?

Poll Animal can be used to create surveys and questionnaires. It is different from other survey creation tools in that it can help you generate answers. It works on a credit-based system.

Getting responses can be a challenge with an online survey creation program. This challenge has been overcome with this tool, by encouraging users to answer questionnaires for the chance to earn credits.

  • Earn Credits: Answer other surveys on the platform and you will be rewarded with credits. These credits can then be spent on getting answers to your own surveys.
  • Purchase Credits: If your budget allows it, purchase credits and use them towards getting answers.

The combination of the two can allow you to get thousands or even tens of thousands of answers to your surveys. This model goes a long way in making it more affordable for you to run surveys and get access to the required information.

How Can Students Benefit?

Some of the reasons why Poll Animal is so specific to the academic world are as follows:

  • The tool has been developed based on recommendations and experiences gained by students.
  • It is based on the questionnaires that are continuously created by students for academic purposes and collecting stats.
  • It addresses the need of students to quickly and easily set up surveys and send out to participants.
  • You can easily create links and send out via social media and email to the potential participants.

You can have total control over your surveys from within the control panel.

Benefits of High-Quality Survey Results

The quality of survey results has a huge impact on the quality of education imparted in schools and universities. Educational institutions can use surveys for more purposes than as part of the academic pursuit.

You can also use surveys to gain valuable insights into improving the quality of education provided to students. Learn about your students and potential students’ needs and preferences.

In-depth Analytics

In Depth Analytics

The quality of survey results, no matter how great, can be only as great as the quality of the analytics the tool supports. Poll Animal comes with an easy-to-use dashboard that provides you access to in-depth data analytics.

Some of the main features of this tool in this regard include:

  • View results in visual charts and graphs
  • View results in the real-time
  • Keep track of the survey process
  • Download survey results in MS Excel format for further analysis

You can not only create reports but also infographics to simplify the results for explanation and presentation. You get all kind of freedom with the type of charts that can be created – pie charts, bars, and more. The wide range of results created using Poll Animal allows students and academicians to create presentations with in-depth information.

Thus, Poll Animal is a great tool for the academic world. It is easy to use and affordable. Its unique model makes it more viable for students who are almost always on a budget. The system is based on algorithms that have been developed and refined over years of surveys and studies. If you are looking for the perfect online survey creating tool, this is the ideal choice.

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