10 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Solar Panel Installation Company

Going green is high on the priority list for millions of homeowners nationwide, and one of the most effective ways to start green living is through solar panel installation. Nearly 4 percent of homes in the United States have switched to renewable energy for their electrical needs. Joining their ranks is straightforward, but it’s critical to do your research to find the best installation service.

Eliminating dependence on the big energy companies is reason enough to contact the best solar panel installation services to assess your home’s suitability. You can save money on energy bills while enjoying the benefits of government tax credits when using different types of energy.

The good news is that you’ve discovered the perfect guide to learn about the ten critical questions you must ask when hiring a service to assist with solar panel installation. Continue reading to get solar panels for your energy needs today!

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How Do Solar Panels Work?

Many homeowners are ignorant of how solar panels collect energy. It’s wise to ask the solar panel installation service how the panels work to collect green energy for your household. You’re getting close to paying thousands of dollars for solar panels, so it’s in your best interest to learn more about how they work.

The system’s design depends on the panels collecting sunlight to create an electric current. That sunlight gets sent to an inverter, which turns that electric energy into usable energy for your appliances and lights.

The inverter sends the energy to your electrical panel for distribution throughout your home. The extra energy your system collects can go into storage batteries or be sent to the electrical grid. You can collect passive income from the power you sell to the electric company.

Is Your House a Good Fit?

It’s also fair to wonder if your home is a good fit for solar panel installation. Depending on your home’s location and the obstructions nearby, your home may need more sunlight for solar panels to make sense. An experienced installation service will determine if you can use solar energy to power your home.

Consider the direction your roof faces when choosing to go green with solar energy. South-facing roofs are the best option for rooftop solar panels. It’s also vital to consider the amount of space on your roof when installing the panels.

The biggest hurdle many homeowners must clear is tall trees near the home. These trees could limit the effectiveness of your solar panel installation. Use this additional reading on solar energy to determine the other obstacles you’ll face with these types of energy.

How Much Will You Save?

One of the primary reasons homeowners turn to renewable energy is for cost savings. Electricity is costly, and energy bills will continue to rise as energy companies depend on finite resources. You’ll save money monthly by collecting sunlight to provide electricity.

Monitor your electric bill for a few months before your panel installation day. Understanding how much you pay monthly will show you if getting solar panels makes sense for your finances. Solar panels make sense for most homeowners who use an average amount of electricity each month.

It’s a good rule of thumb to hold off on installing solar panels if your electric bills are less than $50 per month. Still, you can cut ties with the electric grid by investing in storage batteries for an off-grid existence.

Do You Install Batteries?

Off-grid solar installations make living in remote areas with pristine wilderness a possibility. Solar batteries are gaining popularity with homeowners thanks to their energy independence. When quoted for your new solar energy system, ask the solar installer about the benefits of installing solar batteries.

You can still add solar batteries later when you purchase solar panels for your home. Still, it’s less expensive and much easier to install them when the entire system is put into place.

Expect to pay more when you opt for solar batteries as part of your new energy system. Your solar panels will continue powering your home in the event of a power grid failure. It’s the perfect solution if you live in an area that experiences power outages and severe weather.

How Much Do Panels Cost?

It’s also fair to wonder how much your solar panels will cost to ensure you can afford panel installation services. It’s only possible to decide if solar panels are the best investment for your family by knowing how it will impact your finances. The cost of renewable energy systems varies due to several factors.

The size of your home and its electrical usage will determine how many panels you need. The slope and design of your roof also impact how many solar panels you’ll need to meet your power usage.

Scheduling an appointment with an experienced solar panel installer is the best way to get an accurate quote for green living. These experts will examine your home and determine how many panels you’ll require.

How Do Tax Credits Work?

The government offers several tax credits to homeowners who invest in different types of energy for their household needs. You can use these tax credits to save up to 30 percent on your solar installation costs. The goal is to encourage more homeowners to purchase solar installations and decrease the carbon footprint in the US.

You will want to take advantage of this deal, as these tax credits could save you thousands of dollars. Doing research is the best way to find rebates and incentives you can use to save money while going green.

Net metering is another incentive to consider if you’re on the fence about solar energy. Net metering allows you to earn money from the electrical companies that purchase your extra energy from you. It’s a financially-rewarding way to help the environment.

Do You Have Financing Options?

Most homeowners lack the capital to fully pay for a solar panel installation. Ask your solar panel installation services if they offer financing options for homeowners before writing off solar as an energy option. Financing makes your solar panels even more affordable when you account for the solar tax credits.

You won’t be eligible for tax credits when leasing solar panels, so financing your purchase is far more rewarding. You’re the owner of the solar energy system, allowing you to collect the financial benefits offered to solar panel owners. Look for financing options with lower interest rates to save money while paying your system off quicker.

What’s Your Warranty Coverage?

Warranty coverage is a massive deal when purchasing a solar panel installation for your home. The best solar panels are designed to collect energy for up to thirty years. Gaining warranty coverage that lasts for a few decades is crucial to protect your investment.

Coverage for your solar panels is an excellent starting point, but you must also consider the workmanship warranty provided by the installer. Errors with installation could result in system malfunctions and less energy than you’re supposed to get. Warranty coverage offers peace of mind so you can live your daily life happily.

What’s Your Experience Level?

Solar energy is a relatively new technology, so it’s always best to ask a solar installer about their experience level before hiring. It’s best to work with installers with years of industry experience. They’ll know how to overcome issues with your home’s roof and ensure your system is as efficient as possible.

An installer who doesn’t know what they’re doing could put your family in harm’s way. Look for solar installers with at least five years of experience with solar energy. You can count on them to know the ins and outs of each system to provide your home with clean, green energy you’re sure to love.

Do You Have Testimonials?

Testimonials will tell you if the proof is in the pudding with panel installation services. They can tell you all the right things, but testimonials and customer reviews will tell you the truth about working with installers. Ask your potential solar service to provide reviews from previous customers when narrowing your options.

Google is an excellent resource if you want to handle research independently. Most customers leave reviews because they’re happy or angry with the service. Look for a service with positive reviews, and eliminate installers with primarily negative reviews.

Look at the number of reviews to gain more insight into what to expect. A company with hundreds of positive reviews is a safe bet to help you get the renewable energy solutions you crave for your home.

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Learning the ins and outs of solar energy systems is crucial when investing in a solar panel installation for your home’s renewable energy needs. Ask for testimonials and look up customer reviews to narrow your options.

Look at the experience level of the panel installation services, and ask about warranty coverage before purchasing. It’s best to ask about financing options for going green, be bold, and ask about going off-grid.

Are you ready to take your home into the future with green living? Read more of our environmental and business blog content to keep up with the latest developments, and find beneficial tips today!

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