Can I Spend Cryptocurrency Like Cash?

Yes, you can spend cryptocurrency like cash. But, for that, you have to link it to your debit card. Then you can easily utilize your cryptocurrency as cash. World-renowned credit/debit card companies like MasterCard, Visa, etc. issue these cards to be used for spending cryptocurrency. So, if you go anywhere where MasterCards, etc., are accepted, you can easily expend the cryptocurrency.

Now here’s the kicker: different debit/prepaid cards are available on the market for different cryptocurrencies. And, most of them are specifically linked to certain marketplace and cryptocurrency storage options. So, it is something you should consider while planning how to pay out your cryptocurrency.

A major number of these cards are particularly meant for the globally trending cryptocurrency; Bitcoin. However, other relevant cryptos have also started to catch up with the race. And, of course, you need a trusted platform to keep & increase the amount of BTC you have. For that, you should use which is trusted by thousands of customers to hold their bitcoins for long, short-term investment or trading.

Debit and Prepaid Cards for Cryptocurrency

Here is a quick-view list of the prepaid and debit cards that you can utilize to spend your cryptocurrency. 

btc debit card

For Bitcoin

Shift Card: It is a Visa card that allows you to link it to your Coinbase account for spending cryptocurrency both offline and online.

CoinsBank: It renders 4 different crypto exchange cards, where every card has its unique fee structure and features. The Coinsbank cards auto-convert Bitcoin into many different real currencies, like the Great Britain pounds and US dollars.

For Altcoin

Uquid: It too supports Bitcoin exchange besides being compatible with 89 other different cryptos that include ETC, Emercoin, Ethereum,  Augur, and more.

TenX: Similar to the above, TenX is currently supporting Bitcoin. Plus, it is acting as beta testing support for DASH, Ethereum, and ERC20.

Where to Directly Spend Cryptocurrency 

Considering all, the simplest way to spend cryptocurrency is to pick any of the wallet or debit card options (as mentioned above). But remember that these involve different fee structures.

So, if you are looking to expend cryptocurrencies directly, there are many online retail stores that accept crypto as payment.

Below are some such examples:

Microsoft: You can accumulate Bitcoin in your Microsoft account and can utilize the stocked fund while purchasing any product from Xbox and Windows online stores. But, you can’t use it to buy any item from the online Microsoft store.

Virgin Galactic: Its goal is to turn the imaginary everyday space-tourism into reality. Its visionary nature makes it no surprise that people who are eager to buy Virgin’s products can do so by paying Bitcoin.

Overstock: It is a retail giant for online buyers and is one of the earlier firms that started accepting Bitcoin-based payments. The company processes the crypto payments via Coinbase (a third-party app). You can choose the online Bitcoin wallet to checkout. It also supports Ether-based payment.

eGifter: On this website, you can buy any type of gift card, where most of these cards are purchasable via Bitcoin transaction. Ethereum is also accepted here. 

NameCheap: If you want to launch a new website or brand, you must get a domain name for that. To buy the domain, you have to do an online transaction which you can do via Bitcoin.

Save the Children: Bitpay is a good app to make direct donations to Save the Children via Bitcoin. Save the Children is an organization whose objective is to meet the primary requirements of the kids at-risk, all across the globe. This website is more like a social networking platform for online shopping. It advertises “for sale” products in its feeds, just like Pinterest or Facebook feeds. You can purchase your desired item from those feeds via Bitcoin payment. Fancy is actually a mediator that connects you to the seller. 

Pay-out Processors that are Accepting Cryptocurrency

The above list includes some of the top companies and fresh startups which are peculiarly accepting cryptocurrency payment. But, now this cryptocurrency trend is growing the payment frequency. For example; there are several pay-out processors used in many small-scale, non-profit businesses, and popular large-scale retailers that are now accepting Bitcoin as payment.   

Since Bitcoin is a trending cryptocurrency to be used as cash, below are some payment processors that support Bitcoin exchange in online/offline shops. 

Trending Bitcoin Payment Processing Systems

  • Shopify is a popular payment processor used by several local and small businesses to accept payments on Bitcoin. 
  • Square is another such popular Bitcoin payment app, currently rolling out the Bitcoin marketplaces alternatives. So, it will be easy for buyers to purchase goods and services online via the crypto exchange. 
  • Lastly, the Stripe payment processor allows companies to link a payment form of Bitcoin directly to their dedicated websites.

With these trending payment processing apps, you can readily spend your cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) in several online and local shops.

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